Winter Interior Painting Tips from the Pros

2020 has been a year where more people have been spending more time in their homes than ever before. With the winter months already here, it’s looking like much more of the same is on the horizon.

Unsurprisingly, the whole saga has resulted in more people focusing more on their interior spaces than ever before. From interior painting projects to major renovations and upgrades, we’re doing what’s necessary to take pride and pleasure in our homes.

Winter Interior Painting Tips from the Pros

But does the onset of the winter weather mean interior painting projects should be put on hold? Is there still time to spruce up your home in general, or has the time come to delay things until the spring?

Exterior Painting off the Cards

For obvious reasons, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the worst of the cold and dark winter weather doesn’t make for ideal exterior painting conditions. The milder days of the fall are a different story entirely, but the worst of the weather in the winter makes it extremely challenging to properly paint exterior surfaces.

In which case, the answer is yes – any exterior painting projects you were planning over the summer should probably be put on hold. That is, unless there’s a weekend of freakishly warm weather on the horizon, which doesn’t look particularly likely.

However, this doesn’t mean that interior painting projects need to be put on hold for the time being. Just because it’s cold and nasty outside doesn’t mean your interiors aren’t prime for repainting.

In fact, there are several reasons why winter can actually be the ideal time to paint your interiors. Hence, no excuses – it’s time to grab your brushes (or get the pros in to do the job for you!)

4 Reasons Winter Is Perfect for Interior Painting

It’s natural to assume that colder and darker days make for imperfect painting conditions. Nevertheless, analyze what’s really going on and you’ll soon see that winter really is a great time to spruce up your interiors.

Here are four reasons why putting off interior painting projects right now really isn’t necessary:

  1. Ideal temperatures. Not too hot, not too cold – most people keep their homes at a steady and comfortable temperature throughout the winter, which also happens to be the perfect temperature for paint to cure. Hence, you’re more likely to benefit from a flawless finish than when it’s uncomfortably hot.
  2. Drier air. In addition, the fact that interior air tends to be much drier in the winter means that the paint that goes on your walls will dry much quicker. All of which makes for a faster and more convenient job, which when carried out by the pros could even be cheaper than a summertime paint job.
  3. Cheaper rates. Speaking of which, many professional painting contractors aren’t nearly as busy during the winter months. Availability is greater and you may even benefit from cheaper rates for the project as a whole.
  4. Save time for spring. Tackling interior painting projects today means saving yourself the time and effort of doing so later. Which also means that by the time the spring arrives and you’ve way better things to be doing with your time, the job’s already done.
  5. The best of a bad situation. Of course, there’s also much to be said for making the best of what continues to be a rather unfortunate situation. If you’re stuck at home and there isn’t a great deal happening in general, why not put your time to practical use?

Whatever your motivations, there are on no specific reasons why interior painting in the winter cannot be just as easy and successful as at any other time of year.

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