Refresh Your Shutters With A Lick Of Paint

Beautifully designed wooden shutters serve a variety of purposes for contemporary and classic homes alike. Protection from cold weather, additional privacy and even a welcome security-boost are just some of the benefits of wooden shutters. They can also help keep interior spaces cool, blocking direct sunlight and adding an additional layer of insulation.

Nevertheless, even the highest-quality wooden shutters eventually begin showing their age. Whether mounted internally or externally, it’s only a matter of time before a touch-up is needed. The good news being that with wooden shutters, refreshing things with a lick of paint can be surprisingly easy.

Exterior Shutters

It’s up to you whether you hire help or tackle the job manually. If you prefer the DIY approach, the process is similar to that of painting any other wooden surface around the home. Only in this instance, it often pays to go beyond your usual comfort zone and consider the more creative colors available.

So if a new lick of paint for your wooden shutters is called for, here’s how to produce a pro-quality result:

(Important Note: It’s far easier to prepare and paint shutters after detaching them, rather than working with them mounted in place.)

Focus On Preparation

If you know Homm CPS, you’ll know that we’re firm believers in the importance of thorough preparation. In fact, we believe preparation is the single most important stage in the painting process.

Before going any further, you’ll need to carry out a complete inspection and ensure your shutters are in a good state of repair. If you come across any minor imperfections or signs of damage, now’s the time to address them. If you note any major damage or structural issues, you’ll need to consider whether the shutter itself needs to be replaced.

After carrying out the basic repairs, give the whole thing a thorough clean with a mild detergent solution. Ensure you get into every tight space and crevice, before rinsing thoroughly and allowing plenty of time to dry.

Sand The Surface

The next step in the process is to take to the surface with some relatively fine sandpaper. You’re looking to create a slightly rough surface to assist with the paint’s adhesion.

Be sure to exercise extreme caution, if you suspect that the current coat of paint on your shutters may contain traces of lead. If the shutters were purchased or painted any time before the mid-80s, it’s best to take adequate precautions just in case. Or better yet, hire help to get the job done safely on your behalf.

Eliminate excess dust and you’re ready to go ahead with the painting.

Pick Your Paint Color

It’s up to you whether you choose a color that blends seamlessly with its surroundings, or stands out as a room feature in its own right. Just as long as you avoid any unsightly clashes, there are limitless options to explore.

Assuming you’re painting wooden shutters, a quality latex paint is a good way to go. A gloss finish is also the recommended option, in order to keep things as pristine and easy to clean as possible.

Painting Your Shutters

Prior to applying the first coat of paint, you should apply at least one even coat of quality primer. This will help ensure even paint coverage and contribute to a flawless finish. Apply the primer in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and allow plenty of time to dry up.

After which, you can go ahead and begin adding your chosen paint to your primed shutters. As usual, start out in one of the top corners and gradually work your way towards the bottom. Use light brush strokes at all times to avoid brush marks, applying the paint gradually and modestly as you go. Take your time and ensure you cover all those hidden gaps and spaces between the slats.

Give the first coat ample time to dry, before adding at least one further coat of paint. It may be necessary to apply up to three coats for complete and even coverage, after which at least a day or two should be allowed before re-mounting your shutters in place.

If you’d prefer to have the pros handle the job on your behalf, we’re standing by to step in! Contact a member of the team at Homm CPS today for more information, or to discuss your requirements in more detail.