Paint Your Ceilings Like A Pro: Four Expert Insights

The benefits of hiring the experts to paint your interior spaces are extensive and relatively obvious. Along with getting the job done as quickly and painlessly as possible, professional interior painting can also save you money.

It may sound contradictory, but hiring help really can prove more cost-effective than going about the job yourself.

Still, we’re firm supporters of anyone looking to take matters into their own hands and get busy with a spot of interior painting. Along with being one of the simpler home improvements most people can have a go at, it can also be one of the most satisfying. A lick or paint being all that’s needed to radically transform almost any interior space at an affordable price.

Paint Your Ceilings Like A Pro: Four Expert Insights

A Surface Less Simple

While painting walls can be relatively simple, ceilings are another matter entirely. Both in terms of the logistics of the whole thing and the problems posed by gravity, you’ll find it can be a pretty messy experience from start to finish. Even with all the right gear for the job, painting ceilings has a habit of creating havoc.

That is, unless you approach the project like a pro.

So with this in mind, we thought we’d take a look at just a few expert insights you might find useful. Pay heed to the following when you paint your ceilings and you’ll (probably) find it much easier to produce results you’ll be proud of:

  1. Make sure you’ve got decent gear

Right off the bat, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve got the highest quality gear you can lay your hands on. This covers everything from start to finish – your ladder, your rollers, your brushes, your primer, your paint and so on. All of which will make a big difference to how easy (or otherwise) the job will be.

In addition to all the right gear at the right quality level, you’re also guaranteed to need a second pair of hands. Not to mention, decent quality personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard your eyes, face and so on from the inevitable splatter. Only then should you even think about getting started on the practical part of the project.

  1. Go nuts with the protective covers

The extent to which painting a ceiling results in blobs of paint getting all over the room is surprising. If you leave a gap of even a single square inch, you can guarantee you’ll hit it with pinpoint precision. Hence, there’s really no such thing as being too careful when it comes to protective covers around the room.

Better yet, anything and everything you can remove is something you should remove. Even if it means hiring a storage locker for a few days, it’ll save you a ton of time and could even save you money.

  1. Prioritize preparation

The more thoroughly you prepare your ceilings, the easier it is to successfully paint them. In this instance, preparation means going over the whole thing with some drywall sandpaper to create a rough yet even surface, ensuring it is as clean as possible and applying a coat of quality primer. Give the primer as much time as it needs to dry, before getting started with the paint.

At which point, you’ll want to take your time and be as meticulous as possible. These really aren’t the kinds of jobs that can be rushed, irrespective of how quickly you would like to have it finished. Take your time, go through the process one step at a time and don’t be tempted to hurry things along.

  1. Cut the edges in before rolling

Last but not least, we always strongly advise cutting in and around the edges of your ceiling, before getting busy with your paint roller. This also includes any light fittings and trimmings about the place, which your roller won’t be able to deal with accurately. This forms an important part of the preparation process, which again will make for a much faster and easier project from start to finish.

Take your time and be as accurate as possible, as these are the finer details that will make all the difference. If you’ve not got the steadiest of hands, consider enlisting help from a friend or family member for this important preparatory process.

Ask the Experts…

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