Selling Your Home? Conduct These Exterior Paint Checks First!

Many regions of the United States saw the complete closure of their local real estate markets during this year’s unfortunate lockdown. After which, a wave of pent-up demand was released on the sector, resulting in record numbers of people buying and selling homes across the country.

The fall has the potential to be peak buyers’ season, when the weather is still amicable and the summer rush is over. If you’ve any intention of selling your home in the near future, you’ll (of course) want to get the best possible price for it.

The Advantages of Paint Sprayers for Exterior Surfaces

Something that centers heavily on exterior presentation – the quality of your home’s outside paint job making a big difference.

Exterior Painting Checklist

What’s important to remember is that even if your home looks pristine from a distance, this isn’t enough. Anyone interested in buying your home will most likely scrutinize it in the finest detail, putting all aspects of its aesthetic value well and truly under the microscope.

Initial curb appeal is important, but so too are the finer details many homeowners overlook.

With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of just a few important exterior paint checks to ensure you carry out, if planning on selling your home (and getting the best possible price for it):

1. Window Shutters

First up, quality shutters have the potential to propel a property’s market value into an entirely new ballpark. The problem being that while most shutters look fantastic from a distance, the same can’t always be said upon closer inspection. Peeling paint, chips, cracked and split wood – all huge turn-offs for prospective homebuyers.

Repainting wooden shutters can be simple and surprisingly enjoyable, so is well worth considering before selling your home.

2. Front Door and Porch

This has the potential to be an outright dealbreaker. Your front door and porch will set the tone and mood for the entire visit – something of a first-impression there’s no going back from. Along with being as warm, welcoming and inviting as possible, your front door and porch need to be in picture perfect condition.

Even just a few minor scratches and scuffs to the paintwork can dilute what would otherwise have been a flawless first-impression. One that could have made all the difference to both the appeal and the market value of your home.

3. Window and Door Trim

It’s also worth conducting a detailed inspection of the quality and state of repair of the paint around your windows and doors. Bear in mind that it is the fine details like these that often make all the difference. Particularly where older wooden windows and those with a ton of trim (like sash windows) are concerned, it’s important to consider how closely they’ll be scrutinized when folk turn up to view your home.

If you’re unable to paint your trim to a pro-grade finish (or simply don’t have the time to do so), consider hiring help.

4. Any Sign of Peeling Paint

On the surface, the odd spot of peeling or flaking paint doesn’t seem like a big deal. To a prospective homebuyer, it could indicate (in their mind at least) that if they move into your home, they’ll have to fork out for a complete new exterior paint job. Even if this isn’t the case, it could still be off putting.

Addressing small areas of peeling and flaking paint outdoors can be surprisingly simple and takes no time at all to sort out. Given its potential to take a toll on the appeal of your home, it’s a quick-fix that’s well worth carrying out ahead of time.

5. Deck Stain and Patio Paint

Last up, homebuyers in general are placing heavier emphasis than ever before on enjoyable outdoor living spaces. Enjoyable in the eyes of many meaning as pristine and picture perfect as possible. This means carefully considering the condition of the stain on your deck, along with any painted surfaces around your patio and other outdoor living spaces.

You can expect your outdoor spaces to be scrutinized just as heavily as your interior spaces – attention to detail holding the key to keeping up appearances.

Ask the Experts…

If in doubt, organizing a professional inspection of your home’s exterior before putting your property up for sale is the way to go. With no obligation to go ahead, our experienced team will let you know if and to what extent your home could benefit from an exterior touchup or two.

Contact a member of the team at Homm CPS anytime for an obligation-free consultation, or to arrange a quotation on your exterior home painting project this fall.