Interior Painting Sprays: Better Than Rollers?

Here at Homm CPS, many of our customers – new and old – ask us the same question…what exactly is an interior paint sprayer? Or more importantly, are they worth bothering with?

The short answer…well, there’s a bit of a giveaway in the name! As you’d quite rightly presume, an interior paint sprayer is a device used for the application of paint to interior walls and surfaces in general. Compressed air is used to drive the paint out of a nozzle with speed, ultimately resulting in a jet of paint ‘mist’ to be directed at the surface.

All of which sounds like a lot of fun…and it certainly can be, too!

Typically, paint sprayers are used for larger projects, rather than the smaller rooms and surfaces around the home. Nevertheless, if your interiors are rather on the expansive side, there are various benefits to paint sprayers that go over and above rollers.

Interior Painting Sprays: Better Than Rollers?

Devices vary enormously in terms of design, power, features and so on, but make the right choice and you’ll be looking at a series of plus points – including the following:

Speed and Accessibility

As you’d expect, a paint sprayer has the potential to speed up the process enormously. Along with delivering the paint itself in a much more efficient manner than a typical roller or brush, there’s no need for ‘dipping’ and reapplying paint to the applicator after each ‘stroke’. Instead, the spray is directly connected to the supply of paint being used, meaning no stopping or slowing down from start to finish.

On top of this, paint sprayers can also make it so much easier to get into the kinds of corners and hard-to-reach places that would be tricky or impossible with a roller. Traditional painting often means swapping and changing tools to get into trickier spots – sprayers get the job done with ease. Just as soon as you’ve got the hang of it, the whole job becomes a breeze!

A More Even Coating

As most DIY decorators will be painfully aware, it can be surprisingly difficult to achieve a truly even coating when working with rollers. A decent result perhaps, but making the whole think look seamless from to end to end isn’t something that comes easy. By contrast, just as soon as you’ve mastered the art of working with a paint sprayer, a flawlessly even finish comes naturally.

Of course, it’s not to say that plenty of attention to detail isn’t still required – it is! There’s a bit of a learning curve to traverse and getting it right the first time is rare. Still, stick with it and you’ll see why so many pros stick with sprayers exclusively these days.


And while it’s a point that’s definitely up for debate…depending on whom you ask…there’s something uniquely satisfying about getting the job done with a paint sprayer. These are the kinds of ‘toys’ that have the potential to make the whole job so much faster, easier and enjoyable than you might have thought possible. All while potentially minimizing the amount of mess you’ll be needing to clean up, come the other side.

…and the Downsides?

In the spirit of keeping things balanced, it’s only fair to take a brief look at the possible downsides of paint sprayers. Of which there are a few, though none that can’t be sidestepped or tackled proactively.

For example, the fact that paint spray has the potential to drift means you’re going to have to get serious with the protection of the rest of your room. Furniture, fixtures, windows – pretty much anything you don’t want to expose to the paint mist needs to be very well-covered. And for obvious reasons, don’t wear anything you’re not happy to destroy in the process!

In addition, paint sprayers coat surfaces in an incredible thin, even and economical coat of paint. Which can be great, but at the same time is going to make any imperfections in the wall stand out like the proverbial sore thumb. From cracks to bumps to divets and so on, you cannot and will not get away with attempting to hide them with a coat of paint from a spray gun. So you’ll have to fix them (and fix them well!) ahead of time.

Other than this though, paint sprayers can be uniquely beneficial when dealing with larger surfaces in particular. Just be sure to opt for a quality device and the very best paints you can lay your hands on.

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