How to Store Paint for Future Use

Buying exactly the right amount of paint you need for any home improvement project is practically impossible. It’s also inadvisable, given the inevitability of subsequent dings and chips.

Whether painting your home’s interior or exterior, it’s always wise to keep a little surplus paint to one side. This way, you won’t be stuck if the manufacturer suddenly decides to stop producing the shade in question.

All well and good, but is keeping paint in pristine condition possible long-term?

How To Store Paint Like A Pro

Surprisingly enough, the answer is yes…and it’s surprisingly simple.

Storing Excess Paint in Four Easy Steps

Where most go wrong is by simply assuming they can toss a half-empty paint can in the garage and leave it to its own devices. Only to find the whole thing has solidified to a useless lump of matter within a few weeks.

The art of paint preservation calls for a slightly more strategic approach – none of which is particularly difficult. In fact, there are just four things you need to do to keep your surplus paint in top-notch condition indefinitely:

  1. Choose an Appropriate Container

First up, there are two things you need to focus on when selecting a container.  The first of which is the material, which for obvious reasons needs to be appropriate for paint. Glass jars are ideal for smaller quantities of paints, as are plastic containers and metal cans in good condition.

Secondly, you need to ensure that it is the appropriate size for the quantity of paint in question. Storing paint long-term is all about minimising contact with air, which would otherwise cause the paint to begin hardening. Ideally, you should store your paints in containers with as little air inside as possible. Filled right to the top and sealed airtight, the paint will remain in good condition for some time.

  1. Make it Easy to Identify

Simple yet essential, be sure to place a sticky label on each of your surplus paint containers. Upon which, you can note the paint’s manufacturer, the color and product number, the room it was used to paint, the date you stored it away and so on.

All of which will make it much easier to find the paint you need to address touch-ups at a later date. Particularly if using containers that do not have clear sides, it’s important to note the color of the paint on the container.

  1. Ensure a Flawless Seal

Two things that need to be done when sealing the container – the first of which being the removal of any residue build-up around the rim. This is particularly important when storing paint in cans, where the air-tightness of the seal may have been compromised when the can was first opened.

Secondly, a thin layer of plastic wrap should be placed directly on the top of the paint to prevent it from hardening. Then, take a second layer of plastic wrap and lay it across the top of the container. This will significantly reduce the risk of contact with air compromising the quality of the paint as it is stored.

  1. Store in a Sensible Location

Last up, you simply need to find an appropriate place to store your surplus paint containers. Along with exposure to air, extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations pose the biggest threat to paint quality.

You therefore need to ensure your containers are stored in a cool and dry location, where they will not be exposed to particularly hot or cold temperatures. Humidity should also be kept to a minimum to prevent metal cans from rusting, or compromising the seal of metallic container lids.

And as always, make sure your containers are stored below eye level, so as to reduce the risk of injury when retrieving them!

Final Note…

When the time comes to make use of your leftover paint, avoid the temptation to begin shaking the container right away. Carefully open the container and remove the plastic wrap from the surface of the paint, along with any debris that may be present. This must be removed before the paint is shaken or stirred, or it could compromise the consistency of the mixture.

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