When Should I Repaint My Home’s Exterior?

The first weeks of the winter months might not seem like the right time to be discussing exterior home painting. A job traditionally associated with the spring and summer months, most instinctively put and a project on hold when the weather turns cool.

But there’s actually plenty of scope for tackling a wide variety of exterior home painting jobs in November. The weather isn’t quite at its worst yet, so there’s still time to take action. In fact, there are times during the fall and early winter that conditions can actually be ideal for painting.

Cool temperatures, low humidity, no burning direct sunlight to compromise the finish – it’s not quite as unforgiving outdoors as it seems!

Exterior Painting Job Last Longer

But when exactly does the time come to give your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint? How long does a typical coat of paint last, and what signs should be on the lookout for that maintenance may be needed?

Factors Affecting Exterior Paint Lifespan

As you’d expect, there’s no single answer to the question. It depends entirely on a number of factors, which can influence how long a coat of exterior paint lasts.

Consequently, painted surfaces outdoors can last anything from just a few years to more than 20 years, before needing to be repainted. You’ll therefore need to keep three important things in mind, when considering if and when your exterior surfaces are due a refresh.

1. The Materials Of Your Walls And Trim

Firstly, the materials on the outside of your home will have a major impact on paint longevity. The type of material is the main factor, but the quality and condition of the material must also be taken into account.

As a (very) general rule of thumb, this is approximately how long you can expect a coat of paint to last on the most common exterior surfaces:

  • Wood – 3-7 years, or 4-7 years if it is stained
  • Aluminum – 5 years
  • Stucco – 5-6 years
  • Brick – 15-20 years

However, it’s worth remembering there is a huge degree of flexibility in both directions in all instances. Other factors influence the length of time materials can hold online a coat of paint – not just the nature of the material itself.

2. The Environment

This refers to the conditions the exterior paint is exposed to on a day-to-day basis. For obvious reasons, typical outdoor conditions in Alaska are going to have a very different impact on exterior paint than those baking homes in the Florida sun.

All types of paint are susceptible to certain conditions, irrespective of how robust and durable they may be. The harsher the conditions outdoors, the more regularly a fresh coat of paint may be needed.

This is why it is a good idea to give the exterior of your home an inspection after any bout of freak or extreme weather.

3. The Quality And Appropriateness Of The Paint

All paints are designed with very specific purposes in mind, when it comes to the kinds of surfaces they are compatible with. In addition, paints differ significantly in terms of quality from one brand to the next.

Particularly where outdoor paint is concerned, quality should be prioritized.  Likewise, it is essential to ensure that the paint is applied properly by those who know what they are doing. Surfaces need to be in an appropriate state of repair and primed accordingly, prior to being painted.

Take the time to research the best paints available for your outdoor painting requirements, rather than choosing at random.

How Do I Know When That Time Comes To Paint My Home’s Exterior?

Last up, the signs and symptoms of outdoor surfaces in need of a fresh coat of paint are fairly easy to spot.  Keep your eye out for signs of cracking, peeling or flaking paint – all indications that is it beginning to fall away from the surface.

In some instances, it could simply be that one or more specific sections of your home’s exterior need to be touched up. If the issue is more widespread, it could prove more cost-effective to have the whole thing repainted.

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