Seven Reasons to Consider a Pro Paint Job This Winter

The start of the winter season has a tendency to put everything on hold. All of a sudden, motivation to do just about anything goes into hibernation until the spring.

But this doesn’t mean that now isn’t the perfect time to hire the pros for a welcome interior makeover. If you’ve been looking to spruce of your interiors but lack the time (or motivation) to do it yourself, there’s really no time like the present!

Is winter really the right time to consider a pro paint job?

red paint color in traditional room

It is – and for at least seven good reasons:

1) Prices Are Often Lower

Firstly, demand for commercial painting services is typically at its highest during the spring and summer months. During which, prices are also at their highest. During the winter months, there’s nowhere near as much demand in most localities.

Consequently, it’s often possible to make significant savings on the costs of most interior painting projects. It depends on what you need and when, but this can be a uniquely cost-effective time to get the job done. Maybe now’s the time to book that obligation-free consultation?

2) There’s Also More Flexibility

Lower demand during the winter months also opens the door to greater flexibility. When hiring commercial painters during the winter, you’re far more likely to be able to book your ideal slot. Mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, while you’re away for the day at work – whatever works best for you.

This can be great for keeping disruption to a minimum and speeding up the process. And as above, the times that would usually attach the highest costs are often much more affordable during the winter.

3) A Welcome Mood-Boost

It’s been scientifically proven that an interior makeover comprising certain colors can have a major impact on mood and wellbeing. If your surroundings look great, you feel great – it really is as simple as that.

In which case, what better time than the winter to bring a little life and joy into your interiors. The winter months have a tendency to be long, drawn out and dreary at the best of times. It’s not exactly pleasant outdoors, so why not make it as cozy and comfortable as you can indoors?

4) A Head Start On The Holiday Season

Likewise, an interior makeover can be just the thing for bringing even more joy and happiness into the holiday season. Particularly if your interiors haven’t been shown any TLC for some time, a fresh coat of paint could be just the thing.

Hire help to get the job done now and you can look forward to a New Year with one less headache to worry about later!

5) Paint Dries Faster In The Winter

Contrary to popular belief, paint actually adheres to surfaces faster and more consistently during the winter months. The combination of low humidity and lower temperatures can make for the perfect painting conditions. Again, something that can help speed up the process significantly and keep disruption to an absolute minimum.

In addition, jobs that are completed quicker are also more affordable. If less time is needed between coats, the whole thing can be wrapped up way faster than would be possible in the summer months.

6) It’s Great for Added Curb Appeal

Springtime is prime real estate season, when most people planning to relocate put their plans into action. If thinking about putting your property up for sale in the spring, a pristine interior paint job could make a real contribution to its value.

Real estate experts have said time and time again that there’s little you can do to boost the appeal of your interiors that’s more impactful and more cost-effective than a fresh coat of paint. Plus, you’ll most likely save money, when compared to the costs of getting the job done during peak painting season.

7) If Not Now, Then When?

Last up, it could simply be that you’ve been putting the job off indefinitely for one reason or another. In which case, it warrants the question – if not now, then when? For a whole bunch of reasons, calling in the commercial painters simply makes sense at this time of year.

Either way, it costs nothing to arrange an obligation-free consultation to discuss the options available. You could even find that the costs of a pro paint job are lower than those of doing the work yourself.

Call the team at Homm CPS today for an obligation-free consultation, or get in touch by e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.