How to Paint Over Dark Colors the Right Way

If you’ve ever made the mistake of rushing this kind of paint job, you’ll know how quickly things can go wrong.

Darker colors have the potential to look fantastic, when used strategically in almost any interior space. From blues to greens to greys to purples, darker tones bring drama, romance and atmosphere into the home.

But what happens if you subsequently decide you prefer lighter colors for your walls? Can you paint over darker colors with lighter tones, or will the color below inevitably affect the result?

How to Paint Over Dark Colors the Right Way

Making the switch back to lighter colors is possible, but calls for an equally strategic approach.

Tools for the Job

First things first, you’ll want to ensure you have all the bits and pieces needed to get the job done. While doing so, weigh up whether or not you could save time or money by calling in the pros – call anytime for a quick quotation.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • High-quality rollers
  • 220-grit sandpaper
  • Clean, lint-free cloths
  • Cleaning solution
  • Scraper
  • Spackle
  • Putty knife
  • Painter’s tape

Of course, you’ll also need the highest quality primer you can lay your hands on, along with a top-quality paint to ensure an attractive result.

Prepare the Walls

Before getting started, it’s worth giving the walls a good inspection to note for any damage. While doing so, use a brush to give the surface a gentle scrub, before carefully removing any peeling off flaking paint.

Fill holes and cracks, use sandpaper to even out imperfections and give the whole thing a good final wipe. You’ll want to ensure there’s no residual dust or debris that could compromise the paint’s adhesion.

Pick the Right Primer

Along with picking up the highest quality primer available, you’ll also need to ensure you choose the right color. There are various different shades and hues available, in accordance with the desired result.

In this instance, painting lighter colors over darker surfaces calls for a lighter primer. White primer is a great choice for allowing the full effect of the color to show through, but you could also go for a light gray primer if preferred.

Just be sure to avoid anything too dark, which may be visible through the subsequent coat of paint. In addition, avoid low-cost primers that lack the high-quality pigments and binders needed to get the best of your paints.

Follow the instructions on the can and carefully apply a thin coat of primer to the surface. Allow ample time to dry before applying a second coat, if instructed to do so by the manufacturer.

Paint Slowly and Evenly

The same rule also applies when it comes to paint quality. Premium paints from leading manufacturers contain exponentially more pigments and binders than their low-cost counterparts. All making a huge difference to the way the paint adheres to the surface, while playing a major role in the resulting visual effect.

Avoid the temptation to rush the job at this stage, as the hardest part of the process is already done. Take your time and use a high-quality roller to apply a thin and even coat of paint to the primed surface. Leave plenty of time to dry (in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines) as you get to work on the corners, edges and trim.

When the whole thing is fully dry, you can get to work on your second coat of paint. By taking the time to prime the surface carefully using a quality primer, two coats of paint should be all that’s needed to achieve a flawless result with your new lighter color.

Professional Home Painting Services

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