Spraying vs. Brushing: Which is Better?

Over the years, the painting profession has been transformed by all manner of weird and wonderful innovations. One of the most wonderful of all being the paint sprayer, which has since been adopted by the vast majority of professional contractors.

Rudimentary in its initial form, the paint sprayer has evolved into an incredibly effective and efficient piece of kit. One that’s designed to make light work of even the largest surfaces, speeding up the painting process and minimizing disruption.

And as time is money, faster painting also adds up to lower prices for the customer.

Trade Secrets (Most) Pro Painters Won’t Tell You

But what’s interesting is how even today, there are those who turn their noses up at the idea of spraying paint. More specifically, advocates of the classic paintbrush who can’t imagine using anything else.

We all have our preferred painting tools, it’s just that some are more vocal than others!

In any case, you may have come across myths and rumors suggesting spraying simply isn’t as good as brushing. Claims that while spraying is faster, it can never get the job done quite as well as using a brush.

The question being – is there any truth in such suggestions? And more importantly, is there a clear winner between the two painting methods?

In both instances, the answer is no – there isn’t.

Equally Essential Tools

Paint brushes and paint sprayers are two equally essential tools that serve their own unique purposes. A sprayer is great for applying a smooth and even coating of paint to a huge surface in record time. Meanwhile, a brush can be just the thing for getting into tighter corners and painting trim.

Both indispensable and both fantastic…period.

Still, myths continue to perpetuate and paint an entirely inaccurate picture about the powered paint sprayer. But you can take it from us that if you’re ever presented with any of the following arguments, you’re looking at someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about:

  1. Paint needs to be ‘brushed in’ to achieve a flawless finish

Basically, this is the suggestion that the paint you apply needs to be physically forced into the surface of the material. Something that can be achieved using a relatively aggressive brushing action, but is clearly impossible with a gentle misting of paint.

In reality, pushing paint into a surface isn’t something that needs to be done. It’s also physically impossible when painting over existing coats of paint or primer. If there’s a paint or a coating that’s designed to soak into the surface, it matters not how you apply it. If anything, attempting to aggressively brush paint into a surface is only likely to compromise the final result.

  1. Spraying is only suitable for low-quality paints

Not true, as there’s no correlation whatsoever between compatibility with sprayers and quality. In fact, most reputable contractors exclusively use the highest-quality paints money can buy with their sprayers.

This myth could possibly stem from the fact that when paint sprayers were first introduced, compatibility with available paints was limited. Today, it’s quite the opposite – a limitless range of premium products to choose from. It’s just that some continue to assume that sprayers only work with certain types of low-quality paints, which is not the case at all.

  1. Paint spraying increases the risk of peeling, flaking and falling

Last up, the method by which paint is applied to a surface has no bearing on its potential to cause issues like these. Instead, it is the condition of the surface being painted at the time and the care taken during the application process.

With paint spraying, the surface is coated with an extremely fine layer of paint mist. This layer is then left to dry, prior to the next coat being applied. The method, by its nature, makes it practically impossible to overload a surface with excess paint. If anything, you’re more likely to apply too much paint when brushing, which can indeed exacerbate issues like peeling, flaking and falling paint.

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