White Rooms

In keeping with our theme of simplicity, what is simpler than white walls? You would be surprised actually – choosing a white paint color is more difficult than it sounds. With so many hues to choose from, you may soon feel in over your head; Benjamin Moore alone offers 150 shades of white. At Homm, our experts will help guide you in choosing colors, so you’ll feel more at ease in the decision. In the mean time, take a look at our favorite white rooms.

white room

white paint

These creamier whites make a perfect backdrop for golds, glass, iron and other rich tones. Creamier whites have more of a “traditional” feel; warm and inviting.

creamy white

Brighter whites will makes colors pop!

white office

white paint

They pair great with hardwood floors alike, and bring the finish of the floors alive.

white kitchen

What kinds of whites do you lean toward? Creamier or brighter?

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