Two-Toned Walls

Two-toned walls are a simple method to bring added interest to your home, along with the illusion of height. A two-toned wall can be used to anchor large objects in a room, like a bed. There’s no need for a headboard when there is a colorful wall behind the bed.

two tone wall painting

Lights grey and white pair together to create an effortless relaxed vibe in any room.

two tone wall painting

Bolder blues have a more rustic, modern feel.

two tone wall blue

While bright yellows and pinks have an edgy, preppy look.


Chair rails and wainscoting help to give the two-toned walls a more dramatic, defined look. To gain a boho feel, stay away from hard lines and edges. A light feathering where the colors meet will help to achieve this look.

What color combinations would you choose for your two-toned walls?

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