Geometric Designs

One of the greatest aspects of paint is that you can be so creative with how it can be used in your home. Color combinations for walls, accent walls, ceilings, trim, molding; these surfaces form the basis for world of possibility. This season, geometric designs on clothes, shoes, and interior design have been seen everywhere. These deco inspired designs are sure to bring an air of sophistication, as well as definition to various areas in your space.


geometric wall paint design


geometric wall paint design

geometric wall paint design

geometric wall paint design

How amazing is this design along the door? Wall art is no longer confined to frames!

door geometric wall design

Clearly define your space by having an accent wall for your dining area. Many spaces are defined by rugs, but that can get a little messy in your eating area; a geometric design on the wall is a great alternative.

Sleep soundly with these fun designs painted above your bed.

bedroom geometric designs

Geometric walls make great designs for a child’s nursery.

geometric pattern in nursery room
What do you think of this latest trend in design?

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