Six Top Design Tips For A Productive Home Office

Working from home can be a dream come true, but home office life isn’t without its challenges. Perhaps the biggest of all being productivity – tricky to accomplish in the wrong surroundings.

This is precisely why it’s a good idea to occasionally step back and consider just how productive (or otherwise) your home office is. Comfort and enjoyment are important, but you also need to ensure you get the job done.

Six Top Design Tips For A Productive Home Office

So with this in mind, here’s a quick look at our own top-six design tips for a more productive home office:

  1. Can The Clutter

Right off the bat, you need to do whatever you can to eliminate clutter and unnecessary distractions. Anything that doesn’t have a specific purpose should be removed from the equation. Just as everything you need should have its own tidy and convenient spot. Even if you think you thrive in a chaotic and cluttered environment, you’ll probably get far more done in a tidy and orderly office. If not, feel free to revert to your former habits with no harm done!

  1. Paint In A Productive Color

Can the colors you choose to paint your office really make a difference to your productivity? Surprisingly enough, they just might. Psychologists worldwide believe that certain colors have a specific and notable impact on our moods, our energy levels and our general performance. Greens are known to calm and soothe, yellow is more closely associated with creativity and blue can be stimulating for the mind. As a rule of thumb, brighter tones instill energy and enthusiasm, while darker colors promote tranquility and relaxation. The direction you take is therefore up to you.

  1. Improve The Ergonomics

Office ergonomics are important for two reasons. The first of which being that if you don’t set up your workstation to suit your unique body size and shape, you could do yourself permanent harm. Even if you don’t feel it today, you could be in for all manner of aches and pains further down the line. In addition, good ergonomics add up to greater comfort and general contentment while going about your business. It isn’t rocket science – a comfortable worker is a happy and motivated worker. The problem being that when you work for yourself, nobody’s going to keep tabs on your comfort and contentment…you have to do it yourself!

  1. Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Research has shown time and time again that a decent amount of plant life really can make all the difference to the productivity of a workspace. Exactly why this is the case remains a mystery, but it’s a fact nonetheless. Even if it isn’t something you’d normally be interested in, think about bringing a good few plants into your office to brighten things up a little. For some reason, being able to see at least one natural green ‘thing’ in your immediate viewpoint can work wonders for your output. Skeptical or not, it’s more than worth a shot.

  1. Experiment With Niche Coatings

In this instance, we mean the kinds of coatings that can have a direct impact on your productivity, your performance and even your enjoyment of your office space. Two examples of which being chalkboard paint and magnetic paint. Perfect for jotting down notes, pinning reminders and generally making the most of the space around you. Best of all, strategic use of niche coatings like these can massively add to the aesthetic value of your office. Best of all, they’re also easy to paint over if you decide you’re not delighted with the result.

  1. Light Up Your Life

Last but not least, science tells us that natural light is the very best light for boosting productivity, creativity and motivation in the workplace. If an abundance of natural light isn’t available, it’s up to you to do whatever you can to recreate it as faithfully as possible. This means avoiding the common habit of installing blindingly-bright artificial lights that do nothing more than dazzle and dizzy you. Instead of going for one super-bright central lighting fixture, consider installing a series of lamps and lighting devices to provide even illumination across the entire workspace.

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