Home Office Color Ideas

Designing a home office space can be tricky. On the one hand, an office space needs to convey a dedication to work, that’s the whole reason it’s there right? This approach towards office design can cause many office spaces to have a cold, sanitized look, sacrificing design for room function. However, the work environment needs to be balanced with a comfortable, calming element so the user actually feels relaxed and inspired enough to complete tasks.

How does one strike the balance? We suggest a few different approaches in regards to paint color, which can make a huge difference when it comes to the feel and functionality of the space.

home office

When painting a home office, colors like green and purple are suggested for their calming effect.


You can add elements like textured wallpaper and patterned upholstery to bring more interest to the room when using a neutral palette. Gold or silver furniture can brighten up a room when using darker paint colors in an office space.

A modern accent wall can be utilized in an office space to give added style when using muted colors. White paint is a classic choice for any room, but it can be an especially good choice for offices because of its crisp and clean feel; who wants a messy office?

If white feels too stark for your taste, trying adding pops of color with bright accessories.

white home office space

Even one or two colorful accents make a huge difference in a white office.

office painted in blue

What color helps productivity in your home office? How have you been able to strike the balance between work and relaxation using design within your space?

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