Chalkboard Paint – One Product, Endless Uses

One of the biggest problems with paint, pretty much any paint whatsoever, is the way in which as soon as it has been applied around the home, it looks exactly the same throughout its entire lifespan. Shy of perhaps a little fading or cracking over the years, you may find yourself uninspired when looking at the same paint on the same walls, over and over again. Those at the opposite end of the scale may be so delighted with their chosen paint that they feel nothing but pride, but they’re still much to be said for a little variety and creativity here and there.

Which is precisely why one of the most popular types of paint to be used all around the home right now is chalkboard paint. As the name quite rightly suggests, chalkboard paint once applied effectively converts the surface into a fully functional chalkboard.

Chalkboard Paint – One Product, Endless Uses

Everyday Ideas

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the kind of paint that has appeal limited only to children’s bedrooms. Quite to the contrary in fact, there are so many incredible applications around the home for chalkboard paint that it has the real potential to become a part of your everyday life. So with this in mind, here’s a quick rundown at just a few ideas for using chalkboard paint around the home:

  1. Kitchen Walls. First of all, you may have noticed as of late that chalkboard paint has become incredibly popular in fashionable restaurants and stylish cafeterias all over the place. An extensive area is covered using chalkboard paint, after which an array of information and general text/scribblings is added. This immediately adds a sense of both style and entertainment to the establishment in question – why not do the same with your own kitchen? From reminders to weekly menu choices to positive thoughts for the day and anything else you can think of, even the sky isn’t the limit!
  2. Wall calendars. For this one, all you need to do is roughly sketch out the basic outline of a calendar on the wall, to be used to keep track of anything important. These can be made as large or as small as you like, being sure to get the kids involved with anything important they need to remember. It’s a good way of making what is technically dull domestic admin that little bit more interesting and enjoyable. Or at least, a little less boring!
  3. Grocery Lists and Reminders. With most people, if you do not remember to write down something you need the moment you realize you need it, you end up forgetting it completely next time you head out for groceries. As such, if you have a pantry at home, you could think about adding a coat of chalkboard paint to either the inside or outside of the door, to be used exclusively for writing down the bits and pieces you need, as and when you need them.
  4. Home Office. Take it from us when we say that to have a chalkboard painted wall right next to you at all times is so much more convenient and effective than constantly using thousands of sticky notes. Once you have chalkboard paint in use around the office, you might just wonder how you ever got by without it!
  5. Table Tops. Ok, so it’s highly unlikely that you are about to coat your entire antique dining room table in chalkboard paint. But at the same time, any smaller tables that are allocated for kid-friendly activities could be both protected and brought to life in entirely new ways with chalkboard paint. High quality chalkboard paint will make such tables so much easier to care for and clean, while giving your kids a safe place to get as creative and messy as they like.
  6. Drawers and Cupboards. Another great idea when it comes to kids bedrooms in particular is that of using chalkboard paint to add a coating to the front of their drawers, cupboards, toy boxes and so on. Along with being able to write on the front/top exactly what it is that lives in there (thus encouraging better organization) your kids can get busy with their own take on creative graffiti, without messing up the rest of the walls or furniture!
  7. Artistic Expression. Last but not least, absolutely anyone within the household that fancies himself or herself as a bit of an artist will probably find that chalkboard paint is nothing short of sublime. Rather than investing in expensive wall art, simply arm yourself with plenty of colorful chalk and let your imagination run wild. And just as soon as you feel the itch for something new, you need only wipe it down and start again!