How to Reduce Pro Painting Costs

Hiring the pros to tackle an interior painting job can be surprisingly satisfying. The knowledge that you’re in for a flawless finish, coupled with the joy of not having to touch a drop of paint personally. In addition, hiring the pros also means opening the door to far faster completion of the project.

In fact, there’s only one aspect to pro painting that’s off-putting for some potential customers:

The price.

Of course, it’s not as if you can realistically expect professional painters to work for free. Assuming they’re worth hiring in the first place, they’ll also be committed to using the highest-quality paints and provisions. All of which can cost a pretty penny…but it’s a price that’s more than worth paying.

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Lightening The Load…

In any case, there’s always something that can be done to keep professional painting costs under control. At least, to a certain extent.

Some professional painters quote on the basis of square meter or square foot coverage required. By contrast, others offer their services on an hourly basis. But in both cases, the quicker and easier you make it for your pro painting team to get the job done, the more money you’re likely to save.

If preferred, you can have the team you hire handle literally everything on your behalf. If you’re willing to tackle at least a few basic tasks, you can lighten the load for your contractor and perhaps save money in the process.

Without further ado, here’s a brief rundown of just a few ways you can bring interior painting costs under control, next time around:

  1. Remove Everything From Your Walls

It seems like a relatively minor job on the surface, but can actually be quite time-consuming. This counts double if the stuff on your wall has been mounted using sticky-tac of any kind, which can make a serious mess of the surface. Take the time to go around your interiors and ensure everything is removed.

  1. Clear as Much as Possible From Your Rooms

To whatever extent is realistically possible, it’s also a good idea to remove as much as you can from the spaces to be painted. If it’s not ludicrously heavy or bolted to the floor, stick it in a spare room, the attic, the basement or the garage. The fewer hazards and obstacles in the way of your pro painting team, the better.

  1. Centralize Furniture and Fixtures

You don’t have to worry about protecting your fixtures and furniture with sheets and cloths, as this will be handled on your behalf. However, it can be helpful to move your furniture and fixtures into the center of the room where possible. Or, to whatever extent is realistic, a safe distance from the walls to be painted.

  1. Remove Curtains and Blinds

It’s the same with any window dressings you have hanging around the space to be painted. Your contractor may be happy to handle their removal on your behalf, but you could save time and money by doing it yourself. With curtains in particular, this can be a great opportunity to pop then into the dry cleaners for their bi-annual deep clean.

  1. Go Easy with the Wall Prep

If you plan on prepping your walls to any extent, be sure to discuss it with your contractor ahead of time. This is because you could use products or techniques that aren’t entirely compatible with those the painters intend to use during the next stage. Plus, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you could make things worse than they already are. Don’t go nuts with the wall prep, before getting the green light.

  1. Go Off Peak

Last but not least, professional printing services have their own peak and off-peak hours, just like any other business. Specifics differ significantly from one company to the next, but strategic timing can almost always save you money. Don’t be shy – ask your contractor directly about the cheapest possible time to paint your interiors. You’ll usually find that when demand is at its lowest, so too are prices.

At Homm CPS, we’re committed to accessible and affordable interior painting services of the highest quality. Whether looking to spruce up a single room or transform your entire home with a much-needed makeover, you won’t find a better deal from any local contractor.

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