Interior Painting: Why Not Spruce Things Up This Winter?

It’s often assumed that some seasons are better or worse than others for interior decorating. Arguments which, in most cases at least, are grounded in some form of logic. Generally speaking, you’ll find that most instinctively shy away from the idea of sprucing up their interiors during the winter months.

Here at Homm CPS, we genuinely believe that the winter is the perfect time for an interior makeover. Far from the ‘wrong’ season to get busy with the painting, there are several reasons why winter painting really is the way to go.

Interior Painting: Why Not Spruce Things Up This Winter?

The six most important of which being as follows:

1) Pro Painting Projects Are Less Expensive

For one thing, the vast majority of professional painting services increase their prices during the spring and summer months. This is for no reason other than elevated demand, given how most homeowners planning the paint job choose the spring. There are peaks and troughs throughout all four seasons, but demand is almost always at its lowest during the winter. Hence, the same can also be said for professional painting prices during the colder months.

2) More Availability and Flexibility

Lower demand also typically means more availability and flexibility on the part of the painting team. Rather than having to search high and low for a contractor that can work in accordance with your busy schedule, it’s the other way around. You might also find that with fewer projects to tackle at the same time, your contractor could complete your interior makeover far faster than would be possible during peak times.

3) A Welcome Ray of Sunshine

Perhaps not literally, but brightening up your interior spaces could be a great way of banishing your winter woes. A change of scenery is always great, but bringing a splash of color into your interiors could be even more effective. The idea being that you bring your interiors to life with something new and interesting – perfect for breaking the monotony of a dark and dank winter. If nothing else, it gives you something to distract yourself with for a few days at least!

4) Better Curing Conditions

Interior air has a tendency to be cooler and drier during the winter months than in the summer. All of which makes for much more amicable curing conditions for paint. It’s worth remembering that faster curing doesn’t just mean quicker results, but potentially superior results in a shorter time period. Far too many people shy away from painting in the winter, having reached the conclusion that curing conditions are far from ideal. In reality, it’s the exact opposite.

5) Save Time For Spring

Another argument in favor of winter painting is the fact that you may simply have nothing better to do for some time. It’s not as if getting out and about to enjoy the great outdoors is an option for the immediate future. Hence, it simply makes sense to get busy with the renovations now, giving you more time to enjoy when the weather starts to improve. If it’s a job that’s got to be done, why not do it when there really isn’t much else to do?

6) Ready Your Home For Buying Season

Last up, winter is definitely the time to paint your home if you’ve any intention of selling it within the next few months. The spring season tends to be the peak home buying period of the year, though is also the time most sellers start sprucing up their homes. Having tackled things a few weeks prior, your home will be in prime condition when prospective buyers begin doing the rounds. You’ll also potentially have saved time and money, by capitalizing on off-peak painting hours with a local contractor.

Professional Interior Painting For All Four Seasons

At Homm CPS, we work hard to maximize quality, convenience and value for money throughout the year. Whether planning in advance or in need of assistance with an urgent renovation, we’d be happy to help.

We’re proud to operate as a 100% independent local business, providing honest and impartial advice on all aspects of home painting. If you’ve decided to hire the pros or you’re simply considering the benefits of hiring help, we’ll help you make the right decision for your home and your pocket.

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