How To Paint High Ceilings Like a Pro

Painting ceilings can be a tricky process at the best of times. But if you are lucky enough to have high ceilings at home, they can be even more difficult to deal with.

We say ‘lucky’ because high ceilings can be a blessing in many ways. They make interior spaces look and feel much larger, they allow you to get creative with your décor and they can make a huge difference to your property’s market value.

Evidence having shown that selling a home with high ceilings is much easier than selling one with cramped and confined interiors…unsurprisingly.

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Walls and Ceilings

Still, this is one interior painting job most people prefer to leave to the pros.  Understandable, given how things can quickly descend into outright chaos, unless you know exactly what you are doing.

But for those intending to go ahead with their own interior painting projects this winter, a few tips and tricks from the pros could prove invaluable.

Getting Started When Painting High Ceilings

As a general rule of thumb, the more awkward the surface you intend to paint, the higher the likelihood of making one serious mess. Consequently, the first thing you need to do is protect the surrounding space as extensively as you possibly can. Move furniture and fixtures out of the room where feasible to do so, and cover everything else with protective cloths.

If planning on painting the room in its entirety, always start by painting the ceiling. Due to the near-inevitability of splashes and splatters making their way onto your walls, it simply makes sense to paint the ceiling first.

Lastly, ensure you have set plenty of time aside to get the job done in a slow and controlled manner. This is definitely the type of interior painting job you don’t want to rush, given the health and safety aspect of the whole thing.

Equipment For Painting High Ceilings

Choosing paint for high ceilings means setting your sights on something designed with this particular purpose in mind. Some paints are far better for painting ceilings than others, designed to stick firmly in place without making a mess of your interiors.

If in doubt, consult with your chosen paint stockist for more information.

Chances are, you are also going to need an extremely sturdy and steady ladder to reach your high ceiling. This is rarely a job that can be completed with brushes or rollers on poles – not recommended for any ceilings over 10 feet high. Professional-grade ladders and scaffolds for these kinds of jobs can be pretty expensive, but it may be possible to hire one from a hardware store.

Other than this, you will need to set yourself up with the highest-quality brushes, rollers and paint pads you can lay your hands on. Again, all in the name of ensuring the paint sticks in place, rather than ending all over you and the other surfaces in the room.

Prepping and Priming

Whether or not the previous coat of paint needs to be removed and the surface beneath primed will vary on the basis of numerous factors. The condition of the current coat of paint, the type of paint on the surface, the type of paint you intend to use now and so on.

Prepping and priming high ceilings for painting can be a thousand times more difficult than actually painting them. Thankfully, there are instances where prepping and priming are not strictly necessary. Perhaps, shy of giving the surface a quick wipe down, maybe followed by a brief touch with some fine sandpaper.

If in doubt, we strongly suggest organizing an inspection to ensure you don’t approach the job in entirely the wrong way.

Painting the Ceiling

The final step in the process – actually painting your ceiling – is technically the easiest part of all. That is, just as long as you have a robust ladder to work with and someone to supervise the process in its entirety.

Painting high ceilings atop a large ladder is never something you should do single-handedly. Nor should it be attempted without the appropriate PPE, as accidents are far more likely to occur when working at height.

Why Not Hire Help?

After factoring in equipment costs, consumables and the disruption involved in getting the job done, you could save time and money by hiring help.

At Homm CPS, we offer an extensive range of cost-effective interior painting services to suit all requirements and budgets. If you would like to organise an obligation-free consultation to discuss your project in more detail, contact us anytime.