Five Tips for Painting Kids’ Bedrooms

Whether you’ve a new addition to the family on the way or you’re simply sprucing up your interiors, color choice for kids’ bedrooms is a big deal.

You’ve probably heard by now that color choice has a huge impact on mood and can even influence behavior – particularly where kids are involved. Not just the usual baseless chatter, but the findings of endless scientific and psychological studies.

Truth is, decorating kids’ bedrooms is about more than creating attractive interior spaces the whole family is happy with. As is the case across the rest of the home, the colors you choose for your kids’ bedrooms can (and probably will) have a noticeable impact on their mood.

Kids Room Color Ideas

At least, so says science…

How Paint Color Affects Mood

The colors we surround ourselves with can stimulate the brain in a variety of ways. It’s entirely up to you which way you go, but it is nonetheless a good idea to be mindful of the basics. Combining colors can be great, but you still need to think carefully about how each color you use could have an impact on your kids’ moods.

Take the following, for example:


As long as it is kept relatively subtle, pink can be great for creating a calming and relaxing atmosphere. It’s therefore perfect for nurseries and younger kids’ bedrooms.


By contrast, experts usually advise against using too much red when decorating bedrooms for kids. It’s a color associated with an energizing effect that can go so far as to create a sense of restlessness.


Nobody really knows why, but softer yellows have been proven to improve memory capacity, boost concentration and generally enhance our moods.


It’s a very similar story with orange, which also has connotations of confidence, motivation and self-esteem.


Meanwhile, some shades of purple have demonstrated the remarkable capacity to enhance creativity and inspiration. A great choice for budding artists.


Gentle blues are something of a universal standard for kids’ bedrooms, noted for bringing a sense of calm and relaxation into almost any interior space.


With its obvious connections with nature, green can be great for bringing a touch of the outdoors to your indoor spaces.

Of course, this barely scratches the surface with what’s possible where color combinations are concerned. Nevertheless, being mindful of color choice is the single most important guideline to follow when painting kids’ bedrooms.

Other than this, we strongly recommend prioritizing the following four guidelines for a smooth and seamless result you’ll be proud of:

Choose Quality Paint from a Known Brand

First of all, quality paints from reputable brands are exponentially easier to work with. They adhere to surfaces quicker and easier, they produce a much more attractive result and they also go a long way. In addition, the highest-quality paints on the market typically exclude the kinds of toxic chemical components you’d prefer to keep out of your kids’ bedrooms. Never take things for granted – always read the label and ensure you buy paints with little or no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in their composition.

Get Everything Out of the Way

Irrespective of how careful you are, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll end up with paint all over the place. If you’d prefer not to ruin your kids’ favorite furniture and toys, it’s advisable to get everything that isn’t bolted to the ground out of the way. In addition to protecting their toys and possessions, this also helps you simplify and speed up the painting process from start to finish. Needless to say, where kids are involved, minimizing disruption is never a bad thing.

Use Tough Paint

By tough paint, we mean the kind of paint that isn’t going to chip, crack and fall off when your kids get rough with it. In addition, you might also want to think about the kinds of paints that are as easy to clean as possible. However flawless your walls look today, it won’t be long before they’re covered in all sorts of grubby marks and inspired artworks.

Ask the Experts

If in doubt, it’s worth remembering that a team of professionals could paint your kids’ bedrooms way faster than you ever could. Not only this, but hiring help often proves cheaper than stocking up on everything you need and taking care of things manually.

In any case, it costs nothing to find out, so why not give Homm CPS a call to learn more? Call anytime for a chat with a member of the team.