Five Ideas for Sprucing up a Feature Wall

Recently, we published a post outlining the various benefits of setting up a feature wall at home. Since then, we’ve received an influx of queries from customers across the region, concerning how to set up a stunning feature wall at an affordable price.

From Chevy Chase MD to Washington DC and everywhere else besides, it seems feature walls are a pretty big deal for decorating in 2020. The good news being that a feature wall can also be one of the cheapest and easiest ways of bringing your most important interior spaces to life.

Five Ideas for Sprucing up a Feature Wall

With this in mind, here are our five favorite options for sprucing up a feature wall, without breaking the bank:

  1. Paint Your Feature Wall

Right off the bat, there’s no cheaper or easier way of bringing a feature wall to life than to treat it to a fresh coat of paint. It’s the kind of project that can be tackled in a single day, or no longer than a weekend at best. Painting a feature wall can be lots of fun, as it gives you the freedom to experiment with colors you wouldn’t normally use for your interior walls.

Go for something bold, beautiful and even a little brave, in order to create an eye-catching contrast with the rest of the room. If in doubt, ask the experts for their input on what would work best for your interior spaces.

  1. Use Patterned Wallpaper

Another great way of enhancing a feature wall in any room of the home is to get creative with some patterned wallpaper. Again, you’ll be looking for something you probably wouldn’t even consider using to cover your walls in general. Something eye-catching and elaborate, with the potential to create a focal point for the entire room.

Wallpaper can be particularly attractive when used to paper a single feature wall behind the bed in a bedroom. It’s also great for a feature wall with a fireplace and an ornate mirror, but feel free to experiment until you come up with something that works.

  1. Brick, Rocks and Good Imitations

Natural rocks and beautiful exposed brickwork can be superb for enhancing the appeal of a feature wall. Though admittedly, they can also be somewhat expensive and slightly more difficult to work with. Hence, trust us when we say there is no shame whatsoever in opting for imitations instead.

Just as long as they are of the highest possible quality, imitation bricks and rocks can be every bit as beautiful as the real thing. They’re also pretty much undetectable to the naked eye, so it’s not as if anyone is going to know anyway. Go for something natural or consider a much bolder finish – there are countless options to explore.

  1. Timber Paneling

You could also choose to bring a warm, inviting and rustic look to your feature wall with timber paneling. Or again, a decent approximation thereof. The look and feel of natural wood brings something uniquely appealing to almost any type of interior space.

From the classical to the contemporary, homes of all shapes and sizes can be brought to life with timber paneling. If you’re not confident enough to handle the job yourself, give the experts a call as installing timber paneling on walls can be somewhat tricky.

  1. Stenciling

Last but not least, stencils provide the perfect opportunity to create a feature wall that is 100% unique to your own. Best of all, you don’t need to have decades of professional painting experience to produce a pretty pleasing result.

Stencils are available in almost every shape, size and design imaginable. Whether going for something subtle or out to create the most elaborate visual effect possible, it’s surprisingly simple with stencils. Though again, you can always ask the experts for input if not entirely sure where to start.

Ask the Experts…

At Homm CPS, we offer a comprehensive range of interior painting services of unbeatable quality and value for money. Whether looking to spruce up a single feature wall or transform your entire home with an inspiring makeover, we can help.

As an independent local business, you can count on Homm CPS to provide the honest and impartial advice you need to make the best possible decision. We’d also be delighted to provide you with a free color consultation, walking you through the options available and helping you visualize your dream interiors.

For more information or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Homm CPS anytime.