Why Spring Is the Perfect Season to Paint Your Home

Painting your home’s exterior during the brutal winter of 2018/2019 most probably wasn’t an option. Heck, there were probably extended periods when you couldn’t even leave your home, let alone think about painting it. It’s not as if the winter has said its final goodbyes yet, but this is absolutely the time we should all start dreaming of the springtime.

Things may be a little grim for the time being, but it won’t be long before the trees begin blossoming and the outdoors become accessible once again. At which point, you’ll probably start thinking about those oh-so overdue exterior DIY jobs you should have tackled a while back.

One of which being to give your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint.

Exterior Home Painting: Maximum Impact for Minimal Effort

Ask a professional and they’ll tell you the same – there’s no better time of year to paint your home’s exterior than the spring. It’s not impossible or problematic to paint it at other times, but the early spring really is your best friend.

So if you’ve been making excuse after excuse until now, here are just a few reasons why spring really is the perfect season to paint your home:

  1. Pent-up Energy

First up, if you’ve been imprisoned in your home for much of the winter, you’ll probably have a decent amount of energy and enthusiasm to get things done.  Make no mistake about it – this pent-up energy and enthusiasm don’t last forever. Given that painting your home’s exterior is a pretty sizable job, it simply makes sense to put them to good use.

So rather than putting things off until a time when you once again can’t be bothered, put that pent-up energy to work and show your home a little TLC. If it’s your first major project of the year, you might even enjoy it!

  1. Keeping Up Appearances

If you take pride in the way your home looks to others, this is another reason to get busy this spring. Just as soon as the winter weather begins to dissipate, people take to the streets and their gardens in droves. Meaning there are more people out and about, and therefore more people gazing at your home’s exterior.

This is particularly important if you plan on selling your home in the near future, or you’re simply out to impress guests…or strangers. Give your home a fresh coat of paint and present it with pride to the world.

  1. A Seasonal Battering

It’s no secret that much of the United States has just endured one of the most turbulent winter seasons in recent years. As a result, it stands to reason that the exterior of your home may have taken a pretty serious battering. Even if its exterior paint job looked decent enough last fall, it could have fallen into a pretty sorry state since then.

So once again, you have the perfect reason to show your home a little love this spring. Painting your home’s exterior provides the ideal opportunity to give it a good inspection, noting minor and major repairs that can (and should) be carried out. It’s a good idea to go over your home’s exterior after a heavy winter anyway, so why not combine it with a fresh coat of paint? Two important jobs for the price of one…sort of!

  1. Ideal Temperatures and Conditions

Last but not least, there’s a good six-week period or so during the spring when temperatures are ideal for painting. Not too warm and not too cold, with just the right amount of humidity. It’s not to say you can rely on 100% on Mother Nature to keep things consistent, but you’re far more likely to enjoy a quick and easy painting process during the spring than at most other times of year.

Far too many DIY painters wait until the summer arrives, but by then it can be too hot and too humid to get things done without a struggle. Hang tight for too long and you’ll probably end up making things more difficult and time-consuming than they need to be. Whether planning on painting your home in its entirety or just a few key surfaces, there really is no better time to get busy.

If you’d prefer to have the professionals take care of things on your behalf, we’re standing by to step in! Contact a member of the team at Homm CPS for an obligation-free consultation, or to discuss your requirements in more detail!