What (if Anything) is the Difference Between Blue and Green Painter’s Tape?

Painter’s tape is an indispensable part of the pro painter’s toolkit. It’s also something you’ll need to achieve a clean and crisp finish when painting your interiors this winter.

All well and good, but making sense of the different types of painter’s tape products available isn’t easy. With thousands of different products to choose from, knowing where to start is half the battle.

Of course, sticking with a high-quality product from a reputable brand is the way to go. You need tape that’s going to provide adequate protection for your surfaces, so cutting corners on quality is inadvisable.

Painters Tape: Use It Like the Pros

But even when you set your sights on a superior painter’s tape, you find yourself faced with another conundrum:

Green vs Blue.

Contrary to popular belief, the differences between the two main types of painter’s tapes go beyond their appearance alone. Green and blue painter’s tapes serve different purposes, though to an extent are interchangeable.

When Should I Use Blue Painter’s Tape?

First up, blue painter’s tape is the tape to use for basic protection against splatters, spills and so on. It is almost always the cheaper of the two options available, and is designed to serve a wide variety of purposes.

For example, blue tape is what you would use to mask the glass on your windows, when painting their frames. Or perhaps, keep your light switches and sockets safe from paint splatters, as part of an interior painting project.

Blue painter’s tape has a comparatively low tack strength, meaning it is easy to peel away from the surface upon completion of the job. This also makes it compatible with most types of surfaces, which may be damaged by higher-tack adhesives.

Put simply, blue painter’s tape is the standard go-to for providing basic protection, and is suitable for most indoor and outdoor applications.

When Should I Use Green Painter’s Tape?

Typically the more expensive of the two options, green painter’s tape has a significantly higher tack strength. It adheres to the surface below much more firmly, providing much greater protection from bleeding and smudging.

Green painter’s tape is therefore ideal for wall striping, or when looking to paint crisp lines. It is used more in the ‘design’ sense than the protection sense, allowing painters to mark out specific sections of surfaces to paint.

However, the higher-tack strength of green painter’s tape makes it unsuitable for fragile surfaces, for those that have recently been painted.

Getting the Best Out of Your Painter’s Tape

Whichever type of painter’s tape you are using, it is important to use it the right way. Painter’s tape is only able to protect a surface fully when it is used with due care and attention.

For example, it is essential to clean and dry the surface fully, in order to ensure efficient adhesion. Pressing the painter’s tape firmly into place using a putty knife is the best way to help it stick. When the time comes to remove painter’s tape, do so firmly but gradually to avoid compromising the result.

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