The Importance of Paint Quality

What does paint quality mean for your exterior and interior surfaces? Homeowners in and around the Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia region should take extra precautions when considering this question due to the ever-changing weather in the area. Houses in this region are exposed to some of the most extreme changes in weather, and the paint you choose for your exterior can make all the difference between painting your house every year or only once every five years, which has an enormous impact on your wallet.

As paint is exposed to harsh weather, it gradually gets thinner, depleting the gloss within paint (now you know why it’s important to get a high-gloss paint!). Once the gloss is gone, the paint will not be able to reflect UV rays from the sun, and will deteriorate further resulting in peeling and bare spots.

Color changes can also take place with exterior paint as it gradually loses its gloss, resulting in a powdery finish, known as chalking. Once paint reaches this state, it is visually unappealing and must be repainted.

Interior paints are another story. Because they are not exposed to the same weather conditions as exterior paints, high quality interior paints will last for years. If you are concerned about high traffic areas and an increase in durability, talk with us about specific finishes that will be helpful.

So how does Hömm implement paint quality into our work philosophy?

Hömm stays on the cutting edge of paint technology working alongside the best paint manufacturers for the sole purpose of delivering high quality paint jobs that will exceed expectations; and most important, increase customer’s return on investment.

All paints and products applied by Hömm meet the United State’s Federal Specifications. This is found on the paints’ label and depending on the type of paint; it will describe if it’s been tested for several properties, such as:

  • Resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to fading
  • Resistance to impact
  • Retention of color and gloss
  • Resistance to scrubbing/washing
  • Good adhesion

Material Data and Technical Sheets are always supplied to the customer so he/she knows where their money is going.

Other helpful paint quality resources include:
Paint Quality Institute
Sherwin – Williams

What are some of your experiences with different paint brands? Any favorites or suggestions for paint brands to avoid?

Image source: Paint Quality Institute

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