Testing Paint Colors Before Painting Your Walls

Have you ever completed an interior paint job, only to step back and find that the color of your walls isn’t anything like you expected?

If the answer is yes, don’t be too hard on yourself – you’re certainly not in the minority.

Truth is, there are tons of factors that can affect if and to what extent the paint on your walls is an accurate reflection of the color on the can. For one thing, the quality of the paint you choose (and how well it was manufactured) will make a big difference. Shop for bargain-basement paint and don’t be surprised if the actual color of the stuff isn’t remotely similar to what’s indicated on the packaging.

painted patio

What’s also worth taking into account when painting your interiors is how the color or shade of the wall being painted will also have a huge impact on the final result. A pure white canvas and a bright red or neon green wall being very different surfaces to contend with.

In which case, it’s essential to pick up the highest quality paints you can lay your hands on and ensure the walls you’re painting are all the same color/finish. Other than this, there are a few additional tips and pointers that can help ensure you’re happy with the paint you pick, before actually smearing it all over your walls.

Don’t Paint Directly on the Wall

For example, common sense might tell you that placing a small patch of sample paint on the wall itself is the way to go. In reality, this doesn’t give you much of an accurate indication as to how it will look. Not unless you cover a fair sized patch of the wall in the paint, which for obvious reasons gets messy when considering several different paints.

If you paint directly onto the wall, you’ll also need to sand and prime the surface once again, which is all extra work.

Use Paint Sample Boards

The alternative option being to pick up a handful of large flat boards from your local DIY store, which you can then paint in the various colors you’re considering and simply stick them to the wall. While doing so, ensure that the boards you buy are the same color as your walls, for an accurate reflection of what to expect.

Boards of a decent size cost next to nothing and can reduce your workload significantly, while also giving you the opportunity of going back to previous colors you weren’t sure about for a second consideration.

Allow Plenty of Time to Dry

Don’t forget that when paint is freshly dry, it doesn’t necessarily look the same as it will when it’s had plenty of time to fully dry. Hence, a sample board painted three hours ago might look quite different to a board painted the same color a couple of days ago.

Irrespective of how much time the manufacturer advises leaving the paint to dry, always leave it for a fair amount longer. Depending on the type and quality of the paint you choose, this additional time really could make a big difference to how it looks when it is fully dry.

Factor in Different Times of Day

Hold a paint sample board up to any interior wall in the morning and you can rest assured that the same paint will look entirely different later in the evening. This is why it is essential to factor in how the paint will look at different times of day, checking how your various boards look in the morning, afternoon and evening.

You’ll quickly find that while some paints look absolutely fantastic in natural light, others are far better suited to rooms that don’t attract a great deal of sunshine.

Don’t Forget Interior Lighting

Last up, it’s exactly the same with your various interior lighting features and fixtures. Some painted surfaces look absolutely fantastic during the day, though lose their lustre completely under the glare of artificial lighting.

In addition, any particularly glossy or shiny surfaces you intend to create are guaranteed to reflect and bounce light in various directions around the room. Something to bear in mind, in order to reduce the risk of irritating glare.

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