Should You Paint Over Mold?

Coming across evidence of mold or mildew while undertaking an interior painting job is never particularly pleasant. In fact, it’s one of the most unnerving discoveries you’re ever likely to make when inspecting the condition of your walls.

Mold can be unsightly at the best of times, but this isn’t the biggest issue you need to be concerned about. It also has the potential to pose a direct threat to the health and wellbeing of you and your family. It can even compromise the structural integrity of the material it grows in or on.

Hence, all good reasons why taking mold seriously is important.

How to Make DIY Glow in the Dark Paint

But is it technically possible to reduce the risk mold poses by simply painting over it? As part of your interior painting job, can you just layer plenty of paint over the mold on your walls and forget about it?

The short answer is…no – ignoring mold (even small patches of the stuff) is never a good idea.

What is Mold?

If you’re unfamiliar with the science of the whole thing, mold is a type of fungus that establishes and develops in cool and moist locations around the home. Precisely why it predominantly turns up in bathrooms, kitchens, ducts, pipes and so on.

There are various different types of mold, which in all instances have the potential to pose a threat to human health. Most people don’t have any major allergies to mold, but it has the potential to trigger dangerous reactions with those who do. Asthma sufferers and people with compromised immune systems in particular are advised to avoid exposure to mold at all costs.

In terms of detecting the signs of mold, it doesn’t always appear as a glaringly obvious dark patch on the surface of the material. It can sometimes grow out of sight beneath the surface, often resulting in cracked, bubbling or warped paint. Precisely why any visible issues with the paintwork around your home should be investigated upon detection, rather than overlooked until they deteriorate further.

How to Reduce the Chance of Mold Developing

The best way of dealing with mold is to prevent it from posing a threat to your property in the first place. Which isn’t a particularly difficult job for the most part – the following tips and guidelines may come in handy:

  • Try to keep an eye on humidity levels, investing in a decent dehumidifier or two to keep things under control if your home gets excessively moist.
  • Where possible, keep temperatures warm and consistent during the winter months to prevent the buildup of moisture around the home.
  • Keep a close watch over the circulation of air around the home in general, opening windows and doors where possible and using fans to keep things moving.
  • If you come across any potential warning signs of mold whatsoever, ensure they are taken seriously and dealt with as soon as possible.

It’s also essential to deal with any issues you come across regarding potential leaks around the home, which can directly contribute to the likelihood of mold and mildew developing.

So, Can I Paint Over Mold to Prevent the Problem from Spreading?

Getting back to the all-important question, the obvious answer at this juncture should be no – you cannot paint over mold to prevent the problem from spreading.

The simple fact of the matter being that if and when mold establishes in any location around your home, it’s only going to continue spreading until you deal with it. Painting over the problem may remove it from sight, but it will still be doing its thing below the surface.

All the while, posing a serious threat to the occupants of your home and perhaps even the structural integrity of your property.

What to Do if You Detect Mold

Getting rid of mold manually is an option, but it’s essential to ensure that you eliminate every single trace of it. Leave even the tiniest bit behind and it won’t be long before it’s once again multiplying and causing you a world of problems.

This is why we strongly suggest organizing an inspection and assessment, courtesy of a team of experienced professionals. At Homm CPS, we specialize in all aspects of interior painting for residential and commercial customers across the region.

You can also help you identify issues with mold and determine the best course of action to eliminate them. We’d delighted to provide you with an obligation-free consultation to discuss the options available, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.