Six Simple Decorating Tools No Pro Leaves Home Without

Wondering what tools the experts use to deliver immaculate results? The answer is surprisingly simple – read on for a few expert insights to bring to your next home painting job!

You’d be forgiven for thinking every tool in the expert’s arsenal would be something high-tech and high-priced. In the world of interior decorating, you can spend as little or as much as you like on wild and wacky gadgets for all purposes. But you’ll typically find that those in the know rely on much simpler tools and accessories to get the job done.

When it comes to brushes, rollers, paints, primers and so on, cutting corners on quality is never advisable. Nevertheless, it’s possible to save a small fortune and produce superb results, by arming yourself with a few simple essentials.

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The following six top the table for most savvy decorators:

1. Retractable Measuring Tape

First up, creating an accurate and seamless finish means taking precision to extremes. The alternative being to make things up as you go along. Before getting started with any interior decorating job, it’s worth arming yourself with a high-quality retractable measuring tape. Ideally, one fitted with the kinds of magnets, hooks and so on that means it can be used without the help of another person.

2. Quality Painter’s Tape

In this instance, cutting corners on quality really isn’t an option. Painter’s tape exists for the sole purpose of ensuring you create clean, crisp and even lines on your walls and other surfaces. If the tape isn’t up to scratch, it’s going to compromise the quality of the result. Painter’s tape can only be relied on if it’s up to the job. So rather than spending pennies on a roll a bargain tape, keep a quality roll of painter’s tape in your toolbox at all times.

3. Different Grades Of Sandpaper

It’s often necessary to create a rough service to work with, if looking to apply a coat of primer or paint. Nevertheless, different surfaces and existing finishes call for different grades of sandpaper. Using the wrong grade of sandpaper can make it subsequently impossible to get the job done properly. So rather than reaching for whatever you have to hand, ensure you’ve always got a few sheets of sandpaper in your arsenal with different levels of coarseness. And if you’re unsure which to use for which surface, check online before getting to work.

4. Plenty Of String

Simple yet effective, there’s nothing better for ensuring you create a comprehensively straight and even lines than a basic ball of string. It’s simply a case of sticking some tape on both ends of a length of string, pulling it tightly and positioning the line in place. It can be used pretty much anywhere to create almost any effect, with no specialist tools or accessories required. You’ll never see a pro painter on the job without plenty of string at their disposal.

5. Premium Paint Brushes

On the surface, buying a bunch of premium paint brushes in different sizes may seem like an expense you can do without. In reality, it’s more of an investment you could really do with. For one thing, premium paint brushes open the door to professional-grade results. In addition, take care of high-quality brushes and they’ll take care of you and your home indefinitely. Far more cost-effective than buying bargain-basement brushes every time you need them.

6. A Good Pair Of Gloves

Last but not least, you’ll never see a pro painter tackling a job without donning a pair of comfortable protective gloves. Nevertheless, it’s rare to see the average DIY decorator doing likewise. For the sake of health, safety and your own sanity, is simply makes sense to protect yourself (and your property) from the products you use. The better you protect everything, the easier it becomes to deal with the inevitable clean-up.

We’re firm believers in the value of having the right tools for the job. Planning ahead for an interior paint job is the best way of simplifying the process and paving the way for an impeccable finish. So rather than simply assuming you have everything you need, why not examine your current arsenal and pick up whatever might be missing?

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