Revolutionizing Paint Sampling with Samplize

If you know Homm CPS…which you should by now…then you’ll know we’re all about two things – simplicity and satisfaction. We take real pride in making it as easy and affordable as possible for our customers to breathe new life into their interiors.

However creative or ambitious your vision may be, we’re here to bring it to life at a price you can afford.

That’s why we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Samplize – an innovative online service that provides the highest-quality paint samples from all leading brands. But rather than your usual swatches (that are rarely accurate) or actual paint samples (that are far from convenient), Samplize offers hand-painted peelable stickers in the actual paint shades themselves.

Importantly, the samples you get are (at last) big enough to get a genuinely accurate impression of how the paint will look on the surface as a whole. No more working with postage-stamp-sized bits of cardboard, or color charts crammed with so many different shades you can barely tell one from the next.

Revolutionizing Paint Sampling with Samplize

We’ve used their samples ourselves, and we can honestly say they’re the best way of getting an accurate idea of how a wide range of paint colors actually look in your home. All with none of the mess of slapping paint samples all over the place, or questioning the accuracy (or lack thereof) of a mass-produced swatch.

Head over to Samplize today for more information, where you’ll also find a full range of peel-and-stick paint samples to check out.

Samplize – Simple Yet Ingenious Paint Samples

The Samplize brand came about in response to a huge gap in the market for genuinely useful and accurate paint swatches. For commercial painting companies and everyday customers alike, the samples and swatches provided by most major paint companies simply aren’t up to scratch.

The solution…well, here’s what the founders of Samplize had to say about the whole thing.

“As a prominent interior designer, Amber Thomas was frustrated with the money, time and material wasted during paint sampling. Though manufacturers provide swatches to designers, these aren’t produced with real paint and aren’t truly accurate to the final color or texture. The alternative—painting samples on a wall—is a mess-filled, time-consuming process. At the same time Amber had been seeking a prepainted sampling solution for her clients, Taylor Thomas was in his last semester of college and looking for a business idea for his final course. They realized they could solve both challenges together.”

“Samplize samples create the same effect as paint on a wall because they are produced with genuine manufacturers’ paint, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy and texture. They also reduce environmental waste created by surplus sample paint, which is rarely disposed of properly.”

Genius in its simplicity – actual samples of the real paint, provided on sheets that can be stuck straight onto your walls. A great way to see how the paint will look in all lighting conditions, with none of the usual mess.

We’ve been using Samplize paint samples for a while now, and we can vouch for their accuracy. Far better than a basic color chart, and large enough to give you a real idea of how the paint will look on a broader surface.

Once again, we recommend heading over to the Samplize today for more information on what’s on offer, including a full range of peel-and-stick paint samples to check out.

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