Project of the Month – October

Our October’s project of the month is an exterior re- staining of cedar siding in Reston, VA.

When cedar siding is professionally stained and treated, it continues to appear fresh and it remains appealing for long periods of time.

For our project the task was to re-stain the siding by changing the actual tone to a lighter one; in this case a Natural finish. This required the removal of the actual layers of stain by  stripping the siding to bare wood.

The product  we used is an oil-based TWP stain. This product was requested by the customer and we agreed to work with it since it is one of the best stain brands in the market.

Below are photos of the home with the original siding in a dark tone.




Below are photos displaying the intermediary stage of the stain removal:


Below is the final result of the project – the pictures show the a lighter and refreshed exterior.






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