Project of the Month – June

Summer is upon us and it’s time to update those dull interiors! With summer bbqs, family gatherings, and all around entertaining, you might want to think about enhancing those walls with color to give your home a more appeal. This “Project of the Month” hails from Rockville, MD and features work done by our professional paint team out of the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia area.

Description: Interior painting of ceilings, walls, and trim of several rooms.
Location: Rockville, MD
Paint used: Sherwin Williams EMERALD paint

painting project

As you can see, the dining room looks refreshed and more welcoming. The new warm color tones create an inviting feeling for guest entertaining and family meals and make the space more inviting.

Similarly to the dining room, the warm paint tones introduce a welcoming sense in the foyer which is important as it is the first space that a guest encounters. With the dining room located immediately to the right, this offers a great color flow and the subtle earthy atmosphere creates a cozy home environment.

With open floor plans making their mark on homes today, a skilled paint job can accentuate your space without tearing down any walls!

painting project

The open two-story foyer and the open upstairs hallway have been enhanced simply by repainting. Adding pops of color to small tables or on the walls becomes much easier. The new color is warm but neutral which adds for more flexibility of decorating choices.

Summer is here, add some color! Simple pieces can transform a bland space and add character. The picture below shows how a few tasteful, well placed decorations can create a more updated feel.

Photo credit Tracey Interiors

painting project

A great way to enhance the sunshine in the morning in your bedroom space is to use a slightly richer warm color. Alternating this with lighter sections makes the room more spacious and brighter while retaining the sunny feel.

Moral of the story: it is important to consider how your color of choice looks in combination with the natural light and layout. In this case the new paint color created the atmosphere of a comfortable, earthy home and it enhanced the incoming natural light by adding understated warmth.



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