Monthly Client Review

Client: Joseph G.
Location: Alexandria, VA 22301
Category: Painting – Exterior

Description Of Work:
Remediation of exterior lead based paint and complete exterior painting of my residence.

Customer Comments:
My residence is in excess of 100 years old and has wood siding. It had not been repainted for approximately 20 years prior to EPA Rules regarding lead based paint. The old paint was peeling and in many places was down to bare wood. It tested positive in several places for lead based paint. After interviewing several painting companies, Homm was the only one to describe to me the EPA requirements for remediating exterior lead based paint.

Andres Matheu, the owner, clearly explained the new EPA Rules and how his company complied with them in practice. His crew did the most thorough preparation that I have ever seen. I had independently researched products for encapsulation of lead based paint and was particularly interested in ECOBOND LBP paint to be used as a primer. Andres took my suggestion and investigated the product from a professional point of view. He concluded that it would be appropriate for my residence and used it as a pre-primer to seal the residual lead based paint and the many places that preparation had taken the paint down to bare wood. After completing several exterior repairs, Homm applied their basic primer and two coats of exterior white paint. I am extremely satisfied with the result. Considering previous estimates for alternative treatment and the quality of Homm’s work, I’m satisfied that the price was fair.

Andres and his crews were exceptionally professional and a pleasure to work with. I have no reservation in recommending the company for similar projects.


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