Planning on Painting Brickwork? Read This First…

Exterior painting should never be approached without due care and attention. Nor should the complexities of quality exterior painting be underestimated. Guaranteed to have a marked impact on the visual appeal and even the monetary value of your home, exterior painting is something you need to nail.

As is the case with all aspects of home painting, some materials are easier to paint than others. Depending on the age, type and location of your home, you’re more likely to encounter certain building materials than others. One of which being brick, which presents its own unique challenges when overhauling your exteriors.

Planning on Painting Brickwork? Read This First…

Still, get it right and painted brick surface can look simply outstanding.

The Pros and Cons of Painting Exterior Brick

Of course, the first question to ask is that of whether you actually need to paint the brick surface. Now more than ever, exposed brickwork has the potential to be visually appealing in the extreme. It all depends on the style and type of property in question, once again.

One important thing to bear in mind – paint can be extremely difficult or even impossible to remove from bricks once applied. As such, you’ll need to ensure you’re 100% happy to go ahead with what will be a permanent makeover for your home. If you change your mind at a later date, you’re in for one hell of a fight!

On the plus side, brickwork treated to a quality paint job should only need to be touched up every three to five years. Get it right and you won’t be looking at a great deal of on-going maintenance. That said, you’ll need to ensure that the brickwork is in pretty good condition in general, before going ahead. If the bricks and/or the mortar are damaged or in generally poor condition, the final result is guaranteed to suffer. You’ll need to carry out the necessary repairs, before proceeding any further.

So it’s clear that there are both pros and cons to painting exterior brickwork. But if you’ve decided the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, you’re good to move onto the prepwork.

Essential Surface Preparation

If looking to create a high-quality result, nothing matters more than prep. All of which starts with comprehensive cleaning of the surface, using either a pressure washer or a stiff brush paired with soapy water and plenty of elbow grease. Intensive cleaning is required, though you’ll need to make sure you don’t get carried away and damage the surface in the process.

As bricks and mortar are porous, you’ll need to give the whole thing plenty of time to dry in full. 24 hours being the minimum drying period, extending to at least 48 hours in cooler or humid conditions.

Paints and Primers

Don’t make the mistake of compromising on quality when choosing exterior paints. What’s more, it’s a good idea to stick with paints that are formulated exclusively for brickwork. Some of the biggest brands in the business like Behr, Glidden and Benjamin Moore sell a variety of paints for exterior brickwork, which are actively resistant to water, mildew, stains and so on.

Some of the better exterior paints for brickwork are also self-priming, meaning that little to no initial preparation is necessary. If planning to apply a layer or two of primer, follow the same rules in terms of choosing high-end primers specifically designed for exterior brickwork. Avoid apparent one-size-fits-all products, as there’s really no such thing.

Staining a Brick Home

Last but not least, an alternative to painting exterior brickwork is to stain it instead. The benefit of staining brickwork being longer-lasting results that will not peel or chip. A wider variety of colors and styles are available, though the process can be intensive and time-consuming in the extreme. If planning to go ahead and stain your brickwork, you might want to hire help to get the job done.

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