Exterior Home Painting: Maximum Impact for Minimal Effort

The very best types of home improvements are those that ask for minimal effort in return for a huge payoff. Both in terms of satisfaction and the potential to add value to your home, it’s always nice to put a little in and get a lot out.

When it comes to minimizing both required effort and expense alike, exterior painting is in a league of its own. There’s really nothing that can transform the entire visual appeal of your entire home like a fresh coat of paint. Even when factoring in the required prep and finishing, you could still be looking at remarkable results for the bare minimum outlay.

Exterior Home Painting: Maximum Impact for Minimal Effort

Focus On the Timeless

Rather than buying into current trends, the most economical way to paint your home is to focus on timelessness. The reason being that while a fresh coat of bright blue paint might be on-trend today, it may well look tired and tacky within a year or two. If looking to maximize the cost-effectiveness of your exterior paint job, choose timeless colors you know will go the distance.

Create Contrast

Don’t forget that it isn’t strictly necessary to paint your entire home, in order to have a dramatic impact on its visual appeal. Simply by focusing on the creation of contrast, the resulting effect can be extraordinary. An obvious example being the introduction of black accents and elements on a predominantly white exterior. Or perhaps a pop of color here and there, which can effectively break up what may otherwise be a somewhat plain exterior. Careful consideration is needed when pairing colors, but a few simple accents here and there really can make all the difference.

Paint the Front Door

Functional as it may be, the front door can also become a primary feature and focal point for your home’s exterior. Simply by painting the front door a color that contrasts with the rest of the property, its entire exterior aesthetic can be transformed. This is particularly effective when extending the project to include things like exterior window shutters, window frames and other bits around the home. A simple and comparatively affordable job that can produce incredible results.


Last up, maximizing value for money when painting your home’s exterior means focusing on long-term results. Cutting costs at the expense of durability and longevity represents the kind of false economy that could prove costly. The higher the quality of the paint and the more professional the application process, the longer it will be before your need to paint your home again. If unsure which paint to go with, ask the experts for their recommendations.

Professional Painters…

Contrary to popular believe, hiring a team of pro painters can often be the most cost-effective approach of all. Homeowners typically fail to factor in the inevitable costs of DIY exterior painting, which can often exceed those of pro painting services. Unless you already have all the tools and equipment you’ll need to get the job done, costs quickly accumulate. Particularly if you intend to use only the best primers, paints and related products money can buy.

A professional exterior paint job comes highly recommended for a variety of reasons. For one thing, there’s the health and safety aspect of scaling your exteriors to reach the more awkward spots. In terms of efficiency, a team of pro painters could get the whole job finished flawlessly in a fraction of the time you’d need to set aside. Throw an extensive warranty into the mix and you have yourself a painting package of unbeatable value for money.

Here at Homm CPS, we tailor our services to meet the precise requirements and budgets of each customer initially. Whatever the size, nature and urgency of the job, we guarantee the kind of professionalism and attention to detail you won’t find from any other team. What’s more, our commitment to pressure-free, obligation-free advice means our doors are always open.

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