How to Speed Up Your Interior Painting Project this Winter

Interior painting can be enjoyable and satisfying in equal measures. Even if you don’t get a kick out of the actual painting process itself, there’s nothing quite like stepping back and proudly admiring your own handiwork.

Still, even those who enjoy interior painting would probably agree that getting the job done quicker is always preferable. Chaos and disruption often ensue when painting interior spaces, making it difficult for everyday life to run smoothly.

In which case, here’s the good news – there’s plenty that can be done to speed up any indoor painting project you decide to tackle this winter.

How to Speed Up Your Interior Painting Project this Winter

Follow these simple tips and guidelines from the pros and you’ll be looking at results to be proud of before you know it:

  1. Wear Your Masking Tape

First up, you can save yourself the hassle of constantly having to reach for your masking tape by wearing it. By this, we mean taking a length of something appropriate, tying it in a loop through the tape and slinging it over your shoulder. Or if preferred, pop on a glove and wear it over your wrist like a bracelet.

  1. Use Fast-Drying Filler

Repairing cracks and damage in general is an important part of the prep process when painting. In which case, it simply makes sense to go with a filler that dries as quickly as science allows. Rather than something that’ll delay your project by days, opt for something that dries and hardens within a few hours.

  1. Go for Paper Protectors

Just as long as the builder’s paper you buy is made from recycled materials (and subsequently recycled appropriately), there’s nothing environmentally-unfriendly about this approach. Using paper protectors is so much easier than using standard drop cloths, as you can unroll it and tear it into absolutely any shape required and simply toss it in the recycling when finished.

  1. Examine Your Arsenal in Advance

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through an interior painting project only to find you’re missing one or two essential tools. It’s the kind of minor oversight that can lead to major delays and disruptions, so it’s advisable to check what you’ve got (and what you need) in advance. Plus, if there’s anything that’s clearly on its last legs, consider replacing it before getting started.

  1. Upgrade to Paint Pads for Trim

Rather than sticking stubbornly with the brushes you’ve been using for decades, try your hand with a quality paint pad when tackling trim and other awkward spots. The straight edge and flat surface of a paint pad make it exponentially easier to use when cutting in around corners, window frames and so on. A much simpler and faster tool for the job than a traditional paintbrush – one you’ll be glad you picked up.

  1. Line Your Paint Trays

Assuming you’ll be using paint trays, you’ll save a ton of time, effort and mess by lining them with heavy-duty aluminum foil. This way, you can simply remove the foil lining when you are done and forgo the nightmare of cleaning out the tray. If using a paint bucket – which is recommended for bigger jobs – try lining it with an equally heavy-duty garbage bag for the same benefit.

  1. Don’t Skip the Primer

It can be tempting to skip the primer to speed up an interior painting job, but doing so will inevitably prove counterproductive. This is because it is so much quicker and easier to apply paint smoothly, evenly and flawlessly on a surface that has been appropriately primed. Skip the primer in an attempt to save time and you’ll soon regret it.

  1. Purchase Extension Poles

It’s much easier to paint the higher areas of a room using rollers with an extension than it is to keep constantly going up and down a ladder. It’s also significantly safer and won’t take nearly a big of a toll on your patience!

  1. Wrap Your Tools for the Night

If you tightly wrap your brushes, pads, rollers and so on in plastic wrap before finishing up for the evening, they’ll still be nice and moist in the morning. This means you’ll be able to continue exactly where you left off, without the painstaking task of thoroughly cleaning and drying your tools the day before.

  1. Hire Help

Last up, the quickest and easiest way to tackle an interior painting project during the winter is to hire help. If speed is your priority and you’d prefer minimal disruption, why not have a team of pro painters pop by and complete the job in a fraction of the time?

For more information on the benefits of pro painting or to discuss your requirements in more detail, contact a member of the team at Homm CPS today.