How to Properly Store Paint for Reuse

As with most things, buying paint in bulk almost always means gaining access to lower prices. If planning an interior painting project of any kind, it simply makes sense to ensure you’ve covered all bases.

This means not only making sure you’ve enough paint to paint your interiors as planned, but also that you have a decent amount of paint left over for future use.

It’s inevitable that with time, all manner of dings, chips, scratches and so on will show up around your home. At which point, it isn’t always easy to find the exact shade of paint you used in the first place. Even if you do, you may find that the manufacturer has changed the formula slightly, so it’s no longer a flawless fit.

Precisely why it’s good to have at least a moderate amount of spare paint left over, just in case you need it.

How To Store Paint Like A Pro

The question being – what can you do to prevent your paint from perishing or deteriorating in quality while in storage?

The answer – store it properly!

Here’s how to store paint away for future use the right way:

  1. Label it properly

First up, place a clear note on each of your containers as to where the paint was used in your home, for easier identification. Also, make a note of the name of the paint, the brand, the number and so on.

This will prove helpful in the event that you need to buy more, either if you run out of paint or the stuff you’ve stored goes bad.

  1. Choose your container wisely

Choosing wisely means not only selecting a container made of an appropriate material, but also one of an appropriate size. Always remember that the more air there is in the container with your paint, the quicker it will deteriorate.

Ideally, who should be looking to store your paint in a container that’s as close as possible to full when you close it. Durable plastic containers and standard glass jars can all work well for storing paint. Just be sure that in all instances, you keep the containers in a cool, dark and dry location for the duration.

  1. Seal them properly

Nothing matters more than ensuring the container you use is sealed flawlessly. If there are any gaps or if there’s any damage to the area around the seal whatsoever, it’s going to let air into the container and accelerate the deterioration process.

There’s a useful trick that can be used to improve the seal created when closing a paint can or a similar container. After ensuring that the rim and lid are as clean as possible, place a couple of layers of plastic wrap over the opening. Then, gently but firmly force the lid into place, at which point the plastic wrap will be pushed into any of the flaws in the seal that would otherwise have allowed air to creep in.

  1. Watch the temperature

Keeping things at or around everyday room temperature is just about right for preserving the properties of paint. Under no circumstances should you allow your paint containers to become overly warm, or to be exposed to freezing temperatures.

In both instances, the quality of the paint will be severely compromised – something you’ll discover next time you attempt to use it!

  1. Stir well (and repeatedly)

Last but not least, don’t forget that when your paint has been stored away for any amount of time, a certain amount of natural separation will have occurred. This means that even more so than when you first bought the paint, you will need to give it a seriously good stir – and stir it repeatedly.

In addition, take note of any dried flakes or lumps that have appeared in the mix in the meantime. All of which could stand to compromise the quality of the finish, and should therefore be removed before getting started.

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