How To Pick The Best Trim Paint Color

There’s nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint to completely transformed the look and feel of any interior space.  Transformative to say the least, repainting a room an entirely different color calls for careful forethought.

If you’ve ever undertaken a bold interior makeover project at home, you’ll know exactly how tricky it can be to pinpoint the perfect color for your walls.

But even after narrowing things down to the color for the room, you find yourself with another equally tricky task to tackle:

Choosing the right color for the trim.

How To Pick The Best Trim Paint Color

Often overlooked and underestimated in its importance, the color you choose for the trim will have a huge impact on how the space looks and feels. Even where trim is fairly subtle and understated in its appearance, strategic color selection is essential.

Of course, it’s entirely up to you whether you go with something that stands out, or a color that blends in seamlessly with its surroundings. But if your goal is to bring real visual appeal and interest into the space, selecting a color that perfectly complements the room’s primary color is the way to go.

Contrasting Colors

One option is to paint your trim the exact same colour as the rest of the room. If you want your trim to be more or less invisible, this is the way to go. It’s not an approach that’s going to bring anything particularly eye-catching to the room’s décor, but is at least a fairly fool-proof option.

Even so, opting for something a little bolder really can make all the difference.  Choosing contrasting colors for trim may sound a little risky, but can actually be quite straightforward.  From doorways to window frames to baseboards and so on, trim gives you the perfect opportunity to bring a burst of color into your rooms, without going OTT.

For example, if your room is painted and decorated in predominantly neutral tones, painting your trim dark blue or even jet black can bring real drama and excitement into the space. These darker colors can also be just the thing to frame rooms painted in darker tones, but really stand out when used alongside lighter colors.

Alternatively, you could take the current color of your walls (and ceilings) as something of a baseline to work with. For the surrounding trim, try going for the same color, only a few shades lighter or darker. Either way, you’ll be looking at a finish that perfectly frames the main color of the room, without becoming too imposing.

Sand and Stain?

If you have the time (and energy) to tackle the job, you could always think about taking things back to basics with stained trim. This is basically a process that involves removing all existing coats of paint, standing down the surface of the trim and treating it to a coat of stain or varnish.

While this is a fairly long and laborious task, the resulting effect can be quite remarkable.  Best of all, classic stained trim that allows the natural beauty of the wood to do its thing is universally compatible with any existing color scheme.

Natural wood looks great in all types of classical and contemporary interiors, and is the epitome of timelessness.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go With White

Last up, there really is nothing wrong with tossing out the more creative options in favor of white. Like natural wood, classic white trim looks the part in all types of interior spaces, irrespective of their theme or existing color scheme.

In fact, white trim can be just the thing to ensure the eye is drawn to the room’s other standout features, acting as a subtle yet elegant frame for the space as a whole. You cannot and will not go wrong with white trim, which goes some way to explain why it remains the single most popular choice for the vast majority of households.

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