How to Make Your Next Pro Paint Job Cheaper

Contrary to popular belief, hiring the pros to paint your home’s exterior could actually save you money. When you think about the tools, equipment, safety gear, paint and other consumables you’ll need to tackle the job yourself, you’re probably looking at a fairly extensive outlay.

One that could exceed the costs of hiring help, while at the same time denying you the benefits of a pro painting job.

Keeping things as cost-effective as possible is, understandably, a top priority for most homeowners. But what’s often overlooked is how a proactive approach can help keep the costs of hiring professional painters to the bare minimum.

Can You Paint Over Textured Paint?

Contrary to popular belief, the quote you receive for your planned exterior painting job is not entirely out of your hands.

In fact, there are five things you can do to make your next professional painting job cheaper, or at least more cost-effective.

…and here they are:

  1. Get a Written Quotation

First up, verbal quotations and vague estimates are a risky business.  Of course, you cannot realistically expect a painting contractor to provide a 100% accurate quotation during your initial telephone consultation. They’ll need to know exactly what the project entails, before being able to provide a formal written quotation.

Even so, be wary of those who attempt to get the project underway before first formalizing their quote in writing. Unless you have written proof of their quotation, you’ve nothing to fall back on if they decide to overcharge you.

  1. Prepare the Surfaces for Painting

This is purely optional, as there is no requirement to do any of the legwork before your contractor arrives at your home. But if your goal is to keep things as affordable as possible, anything you can do to speed up and simplify the job will work in your favor.

For example, you could take the time to give your home’s exterior a thorough clean, and to conduct any minor repairs your contractor would otherwise have to handle. Armed with some filler and a scraper, tend to any small holes and cracks that might otherwise slow them down.

You could even go so far as to start removing the damaged and peeling paint from the surface, but again this is strictly optional.

  1. Remove Obstructions and Prep the Area

The more difficult it is for your painting provider to access the exterior of your home, the longer the job will take, and the more it’s going to cost you. There’s no need to take things to extremes, but it’s worth considering in advance what you can do to rid the area of as many obstructions as possible.

If there’s a sprawling set of patio furniture in a highly inconvenient location, store it away some place safe. If there are hundreds of pots and planters where the painters will be setting their ladders, relocate them elsewhere.  These are all the kinds of simple yet surprisingly helpful tweaks that can add up to a big difference.

Ask your provider if they have any requirements or concerns regarding accessibility, during your initial home design consultation.

  1. Choose Off-Peak Times

All painting contractors adjust their rates on the basis of demand.  Peak painting times will always vary significantly from one provider to the next, but can nonetheless make a huge difference to how much you can expect to pay. There are also major variances from one season to the next, which are again based entirely on demand.

Don’t shy away from asking your contractor exactly when would be the cheapest time to hire them. Their goal should be to get the job done in a way that suits your budget, so they there should be more than happy to oblige.

  1. Insist on a Warranty Included

Last up, don’t let a painting contractor near your home in the absence of an extensive warranty. This is the only assurance you have that you will be satisfied with the result, and that it won’t start deteriorating shortly after the project’s completion.

A satisfaction guarantee is the single biggest show of confidence on the part of a painting contractor.  Unless they are willing to back their services with a warranty of some kind, take your business to someone who is.

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