Have Fun Breaking the Rules When Painting Kids’ Bedrooms

Everybody knows that there are certain unwritten ‘rules’ to follow when painting interior spaces. Most of which are commonsense in nature, and are therefore followed instinctively when performing home improvements.

Sophistication, timelessness, curb appeal, longevity – all priorities when painting most rooms of the home. Not to mention, doing everything you can to ensure the finish is absolutely immaculate.

But there’s one room of the home where you can get away with completely ignoring most of these rules. In fact, doing so often comes highly recommended, for the sake of all involved.

Kids’ bedrooms are fascinating and unique places. Typically not the tidiest or most hygienic rooms of the home, but intriguing nonetheless. What takes place in kids’ bedrooms is unlike the daily coming and goings in any other interior space.

Kids Room Color Ideas

Hence, you can get away with adopting an entirely different approach when it comes to painting and decorating.

With this in mind, here’s how to make painting your kid’s bedroom a more enjoyable experience, simply by tearing up the rulebook and going a little wild:

  1. Forget About Sophistication

First and foremost, the average kid’s bedroom is no place for sophistication.  It’s all about fun, games, enjoyment and entertainment – not keeping up appearances. It really doesn’t matter whether you or anyone else would personally like the colors your kids like. If it’s the color scheme of their dreams, go with it.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with modifying their vision for the wackiest bedroom color scheme imaginable, in order to make it a little more palatable.  But what’s important is to see things from their perspective and remember that they’re the one who are going to be spending time there – not you.

  1. Copy Other People’s Ideas

If short on ideas, there’s no shortage of inspiration online. Coming up with something fantastic your kids will love can be as simple as spending an hour or so on Pinterest, or simply conducting a few Google image searches.

This can be great for getting an idea of how different colors work together, as part of a combined color scheme. It can also help you visualize how the colors you choose will come together with the rest of the furniture, fixtures and features around the room. All of which should also be considered, when deciding on a color scheme.

  1. Embrace Imperfections

Getting your kids involved in the process holds the key to a result they will be delighted with.  And in terms of polished perfection, you can more or less forget about it. But when it comes to painting kids’ rooms, achieving an absolutely flawless result really shouldn’t be your goal.

If your kids want to paint their own patterns, designs and murals all over the place, so be it. If they want to lend a hand painting the trim and do a fairly awful job, what’s the problem? Having the kids help out can be an enjoyable and enriching experience for all involved. Don’t forget that you can always tidy things up later, though embracing the odd imperfection can complement an undeniably cute overall result.

  1. Paint With the Short-Term in Mind

Normally, the sensible option is to paint with the long-term in mind. You paint your interior spaces with the goal of not having to paint them again for many years to come. With kids’ bedrooms, it’s often better to paint with the short-term in mind.

This is due to the fact that kids’ bedrooms have a habit of taking a serious pounding on a day-to-day basis.  What was a pristine and polished paint job one day can look disastrously disheveled the next. In which case, it may not be necessary to treat your kids’ bedrooms to the most sophisticated and expensive paints money can buy. As you’ll probably be touching it up on a regular basis, you can afford to keep things a little more modest.

  1. Encourage (Creative) Mischief

Last but not least, there’s little to nothing parents can do to solve the age-old problem of kids occasionally drawing on the walls. In which case, why not embrace or even encourage this kind of creative mischief?

Kids’ bedrooms are the perfect place for a spot of chalkboard paint here and there. Something that gives them the green light to write and draw all over the walls, without completely wrecking the finish. And more importantly, without getting in trouble for their efforts!

For more information on how to choose a great color scheme for your kid’s bedroom or to discuss any aspect of our services in more detail, contact a member of the team at Homm CPS today.