Five Important Reasons to Repair Wood Rot Before Painting

When painting the interiors of a commercial or residential property, you will always (and we mean always) encounter imperfections along the way. One of the most common examples of which is wood rot, which can pop up just about anywhere and for any number of reasons.

Of course, logic will tell you that upon encountering a huge patch of wood rot in a critical location, it’s probably best to do something about it. But when it comes to much smaller and more confined issues with wood rot, it can be tempting to simply paint over them.

This is particularly the case when you’re simply detecting the first possible signs of wood rot, which can be painted over with ease and forgotten about.

Five Important Reasons to Repair Wood Rot Before Painting

Or at least, that’s what you might think at the time.

Truth is, no instance comes to mind when painting over wood rot without first repairing it is advisable. Even if you have every intention of tackling the problem at a later stage, burying your head in the sand even temporarily isn’t a good idea.

Here’s why we strongly advise repairing wood rot before painting, even when the damage is minimal and in an out-of-sight location:

  1. The Damage Will Probably Show Through

Even if it looks just fine at the time, chances are the damage will subsequently show through and wreck the finish of the painted surface. Even if you attempt to cover it with several coats of paint, it’s almost impossible to achieve a flawless finish when painting over rotting or damaged wood. You’re simply wasting time and money on an undesirable and uneven finish.

  1. Painting Rotting Wood Can Make the Problem Worse

Thought ‘sealing’ wood rot in place with a few coats of paint was a good idea? Think again – it can actually accelerate and exacerbate the issue significantly. This is because there’s a ton of moisture in paint that will soak into the compromised wooden surface like a sponge. In doing so, it will speed up the decomposition process and ultimately leave you with a more serious issue than you were dealing with in the first place.

  1. The Damage Could Be Deeper Than it Looks

To paint over small areas or early indications of wood rot is to make the assumption that there’s nothing more serious going on beneath the surface. Which may be the case, but there’s also the possibility that the issue with rot and deterioration could be deeper and more advanced than it looks at a glance. Repairing wood rot isn’t about simply patching over visible damage – it’s also about investigating the root cause and extent of the issue.

  1. Painting Will Not Address Issues with Mold or Mildew

What’s important to be aware of here is how issues with mold or mildew around the home are about far more than appearances and even paint finishes alike. Along with quickly spreading and compromising the structural integrity of the materials they form on or in, mold and mildew can have nasty consequences for human health and wellbeing. So again, this really isn’t the kind of thing it’s advisable to simply paint over and pretend doesn’t exist.

  1. It Will Save You Time, Effort and Money

Last but not least, you can rest assured that in around 99.9% of instances where wood rot is detected, the problem will only continue to worsen with time. If you don’t tackle it as part of your interior painting project today, you could be looking at a far more serious and extensive issue at a later date. One that could ultimately take far more time to address and result in potentially huge repair bills.

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