Does The Color Of Your Nursery Affect Your Baby?

Traditionally, parents have followed a handful of standards when painting their babies’ nurseries. The basics of which of course being pink for girls and blue for boys.

But is there a more effective and beneficial way to paint your baby’s nursery? Or more importantly, does the color you paint his or her nursery have a direct effect on their well-being?

As with most things, it’s a subject of heavy debate. Many people believe that the color of a baby’s nursery has no direct impact on anything, other than the aesthetic of the room. By contrast, color therapy experts would argue that the colors we surround ourselves with on a daily basis have a marked impact on our feelings, emotions and behaviors.

Getting Creative with Kids’ Bedroom Walls

If this is the case, taking a more proactive approach to paint selection around the home would probably be a good idea!

The Influence Of Common Colors

The fact that every human being is different makes it difficult (or sometimes dangerous) to generalize. Nevertheless, it’s widely accepted that certain colors have a certain impact on the way we feel.

Something that apparently is as true for babies as it is for adults.

Hence, it’s worth considering the influence certain common colors may have on your baby, if chosen for use in their nursery. It’s not to say that any of these colors are guaranteed to radically transform their very existence, but still…worth considering nonetheless:


Perhaps the brightest and cheeriest color of all, the appeal of yellow is lies in its connotations with sunshine. After all, who could possibly be glum in a room painted the same color as the thing responsible for all life on the face of the earth? Color therapy specialists genuinely believe that certain shades of yellow boost emotional wellbeing and can enhance concentration. Nevertheless, take things too far with brighter yellows and the whole thing becomes more distracting than energizing.


Various shades of green have natural connotations with Mother Nature. A great way of bringing the natural tones of the outdoors indoors, greens are known to promote relaxation and healthy sleep. It’s also theorized that certain shades of green can enhance concentration and focus, which can be great as babies grow into children and begin their educational journeys. Once again however, it’s important to know where to draw the line – luminous greens not having quite the same effect as their calmer and more subdued cousins.


A relatively subdued shade of orange is thought to have a similar effect to yellow. That being, to create a warm and energizing environment for those it surrounds. It’s even been theorized that orange can promote more effective communication and even bonding between people. In most instances, orange is a good color to be used for features around the room, as opposed to a primary color for the entire nursery.


Recent years have seen purple become one of the most popular colors for use in various rooms around the home. Purple is regarded as a color of confidence, creativity and imagination, while at the same time creating beautiful contrasts with lighter colors and tones around the room. As an added bonus, strategic use of certain shades of purple has been known to significantly improve overall property values.


Last but not least, you’d be unlikely to find brown at the top of the wish lists for most parents looking to paint their kids’ nurseries. Nevertheless, therapy experts believe that brown – or certain shades thereof – brings a series of unique advantages to the table. Along with creating a relaxing environment, brown also brings strong connotations of nature to the indoors. It can also be an extremely forgiving color in general, hiding the kinds of dirty marks that would otherwise be a little too visible on walls painted any other color!

Irrespective of whether the colors you choose have a direct impact on your baby, it’s always worth carefully considering the available options. Whether ready to go ahead or planning in advance ,we’d love to hear from you – contact the team at Homm CPS today.