Setting the Mood with the Perfect Colors – Making the Right Choice

It’s no secret that different colors can set different moods and ambience in the rooms of the home. But what most fail to realize is just how significant any change in color to any interior living space can be. As any professional painting firm Alexandria in VA will tell you, there’s really nothing more effective (or affordable for that matter) when it comes to transforming interior living spaces than a fresh coat of paint. Regardless of whether you go bold, bright or basic, everything about the room takes on a new dynamic with a change of color.

The question of importance being – which color to go for?

Well, as we always say here at Homm CPS, there’s really no such thing as a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ color for your home – it’s whatever makes you happy. However, as an experienced painting firm, we know exactly the kinds of colors you should be going for if you want to create a specific mood or ambience around the home.

Setting the Mood with the Perfect Colors – Making the Right Choice

And of course, there’s much fun to be had in trying out any number of combinations – it’s all in the spirit of finding your perfect palette!


Starting off with a seemingly controversial option, you might come across a fair few painting companies in Alexandria VA that advise you to stay away from black. The reason being that in the case of most living spaces – bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms etc., black walls and ceilings may sap the room of light and make it feel smaller, less vibrant and somewhat stuffy. However, it has the potential to be a great color choice for home offices and studies. Likewise, black doesn’t have to be used to coat the entire room – perhaps just one feature wall to then be accented with wall hangings. You do indeed have to be careful with black, but it’s not to be written off without consideration.


The single most versatile and popular color of all, you really cannot go wrong with white if looking to create a blank canvas. White does however need a little help, as rooms that are predominantly white with nothing to break things up can come across as clinical, sterile and a little bland. Great in bathrooms and kitchens of course, but less so elsewhere. White is all about clean, crisp and bright, as opposed to cosiness, elegance and romance.


Anyone looking to bring a warm, inviting and noticeably natural feel to the home should definitely consider the range of browns available to them. It can be wonderfully rustic or beautifully modern, complementing real wood and darker room elements beautifully. Darker browns are extremely elegant and romantic, though can make a room much darker than it would be if painted with a brighter color. If going with brown, think carefully about how you’ll be lighting the room.


Around most of the home in general, pink can be a difficult color to work with. It’s great in nurseries and kids’ bedrooms, but elsewhere it can be tough to get away with heavy-handed use of pink. Perhaps in very small amounts when used to accent certain elements of the home, or to create feature walls in its own right. Nevertheless, you’d be hard-pressed to find a painting company that didn’t recommend against too much pink.


Blue is generally associated with a cool, perhaps even aquatic mood around the home. As such, it is most commonly used to create relaxing and inviting kitchens and bathrooms, which decorated with the right tone of blue can be truly stunning. But it’s not to say that blue cannot be used in other rooms of the home too. When paired with white, the right shade of turquoise can look nothing short of stunning pretty much anywhere. Softer blues are also simply wonderful for use in bedrooms.


Given the fact that purple is said to be an aphrodisiac, there’s one room of the home it’s definitely suited to – the bedroom! Darker purples represent the very essence of elegance, white subtle purple hues like pale lavender can also be wonderfully elegant. Interestingly however, a recent study found that when it comes to perceived property values, one room of the home in particular tends to benefit from careful use of purple. And believe it or not, it’s the dining room!


Vibrant, fresh and wonderfully versatile, greens bring a burst of nature’s splendor to pretty much any room of the home. As with some of the other examples listed above, it’s a case of being mindful when it comes to the exact shade of green chosen, not to mention the extent to which it is used. Greens need not be confined to kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, but should perhaps be used more sparingly in living rooms and dining rooms. Greens are also truly glorious for exterior living spaces.


Less relaxing and more energizing, red is suitable for any room of the home used for entertaining and generally having fun. Reds can be both romantic and create a party atmosphere, though have a tendency to be a little on the intrusive side in rooms designated for relaxation. That being said, the right shade of red can lead to a killer bedroom makeover!


Last but not least, while bright yellow living room walls are not usually recommended by knowledgeable painting firms, yellow accents can add wonderful brightness and a feeling of spaciousness to a room. From feature walls to subtle painted accents and right through to yellow accessories around the room, yellow can make a real difference in terms of energy and life.