Do I Really Need to Use Primer When Repainting My Walls?

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog (of course you have), you’ll know that priming is a topic we visit on a regular basis. Primarily due to the fact that it’s also something we’re asked about almost continuously by our customers.

Some people find interior painting an absolute joy – something they get a genuine kick out of. Elsewhere, others see it more as a necessary evil – something they do only because they have to. Unsurprisingly, most people would admit to falling closer to the latter camp than the former.

This is where the debate regarding primer becomes a pressing issue for so many. If the prospect of painting interior walls fills you with a sense of dread, you’re hardly going to jump for joy at the thought of priming.

Blue Wall Painting

When gone about the right way, priming walls can take just as long as painting them. Hence, you’re effectively doubling your workload and significantly extending the timescale of the job.

Consequently, the temptation to avoid priming altogether creeps in. Not something that’s typically recommended, but seems like a no-brainer to save time.

The question being – are there instances where you can get away without primer? Is it really 100% mandatory to use primer, or are there are exceptions when it’s purely optional?

One Semi-Exception to the Rule

More often than not, skipping the primer is a fundamentally terrible idea.  Do so and you will inevitably compromise the quality of the final result.

But there is one possible exception to the rule, where priming is not strictly necessary. That being, instances where you plan on painting your interior walls the exact same color and the previous coat of paint is still in excellent condition.

In addition, it also needs to be the exact same type of paint – different types of paints don’t adhere well to one another.

If this is the case, you can simply pick up the exact same paint you used before and not bother with the primer. You’ll still need to go around the room with some medium-fine sandpaper to create a slightly rough surface, in order to help the paint adhere. But just as long as the paint color is identical to the previous coat of paint, you will probably get away without priming.

To an extent, you might also get away with a color that is a significantly darker shade than the color beneath. Though it is advisable to proceed with extreme caution, if your goal is to paint one color or tone over a different color.

In all Other Instances

With the above scenario, painting interior walls without primer is possible. As for whether it’s the recommended option, the answer is usually no…it isn’t.

Priming walls serves an invaluable purpose, helping the paint stick properly and contributing to an even finish. Even if you are planning on painting your walls the same color as before, priming is guaranteed to help produce a finish to be proud of.

In any case, this is really the only instance where repainting walls without primer is technically possible. In all other instances, you simply cannot get away without priming your walls. At least, not if you’d prefer a result that justifies the job in the first place.

Priming may seem like a pain, but what you are doing is simplifying the painting process. Walls that are primed and well prepared are so much easier to paint than those to the contrary. The paint glides on smoothly and evenly, it cures firmly in place and the finish is free of unsightly patches.

In addition, primer can bring out the full effect of your chosen color, while ensuring the paint sticks in place for as long as possible. So while it may take longer to paint a wall by priming beforehand, you’ll almost certainly be looking at longer lasting results.

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