Can Outdoor Paint Be an Effective Bug Repellent?

The transition between summer and fall can also be the perfect time of year to tackle those essential exterior painting projects. Planning for the spring season next year, protecting your home from the worst of the winter weather, making the most of the perfect outdoor painting conditions – all great reasons to reach for a brush.

We’re heading into that bittersweet time of year where hazy-lazy evening outdoors will soon become a memory. But as there’s still plenty of fine weather to enjoy, we intend to make the most of it. All the while, contending with the constant battle against warms of unwanted insects.

There really is nothing like a few super-itchy mosquito bites to ruin a perfectly idyllic evening outdoors. Or perhaps, an infestation of bugs to make your outdoor spaces slightly less enjoyable.

From incense sticks to electronic zappers to weird and wonderful noisemakers, there’s no shortage of gadgets available for keeping bugs at bay. But did you know that the colors you choose for the exterior of your home can also play a role in banishing bugs?

Can Outdoor Paint Be an Effective Bug Repellent?

All animals have their preferences or otherwise where colors are concerned. Bugs and birds oh no different, calling for strategic color selection if dealing with problematic pests.

So, if you’d like your fall outdoor paint job to be a little more proactive, here’s how to turn the tides on unwelcome visitors:


First up, birds’ plumage tends to be beautifully bright and colorful for a reason. Birds are reliant on their ability to differentiate between colors to sustain almost all aspects of their lifestyles. From gathering food to finding a mate, birds are naturally attracted to bright colors.

Hence, if you would like to bring more feathered friends into your garden, consider introducing some brighter colors. Not in the sense of neon pink and fluorescent greens – think the colors of nature that naturally attract birds.

By contrast, if your goal is to keep birds at bay, the vast majority are not particularly fond of white. Bright white is interpreted by birds as a sign of danger, and can force them to rethink their decisions.


Bugs see color in the UV spectrum, so the whole thing works slightly differently than with birds.  However, bugs are likewise attracted to certain bright colors – orange, yellow and white in particular.  This is why you’ll often see specific cars, campers or tents that swarming with insects on their exteriors, while others are completely free of the same pests.

Most moderate blue and green tones are not a particularly attractive to bugs, as they don’t show up as brightly when viewed in the UV spectrum.  You could therefore think about painting anything you would prefer to keep bug-free in a subtle shade of blue or green.


Last up, nobody would ever knowingly welcome a swarm of mosquitoes into their garden. They’re a universally-loathed pest, and also the dictionary definition of tenacious.

Interestingly, research has shown that darker colors are seen by mosquitoes more easily than brighter colors.  What this means is that if you wear lighter-colored clothes when out and about, you’re less likely to find yourself featured on the mosquito buffet.

In particular, brighter yellows and whites have been shown to discourage mosquitoes from doing their thing.  You could therefore switch out your darker furniture for lighter-colored alternatives, while bringing whites and yellow into your exterior color scheme.

Or if things get really bad, give your friendly local exterminator a call, and ask for their advice.

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