Why Hire the Pros to Paint Your Business?

Making the decision to hire help for an interior makeover at your business premises is no mean feat. Particularly if it’s technically possible to tackle the painting job in-house, you may question the benefits or cost-effectiveness of bringing in the pros.

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From occasional touch-ups to complete transformations of small and large business spaces alike, hiring a professional painting contractor can be beneficial in a variety of ways. If you’ve decided to paint your interiors but you’re still on the fence as to how to get it done, here’s why the costs of pro painting are a price worth paying:

  1. Safety First

First up, businesses and commercial premises can be significantly more complex to paint safely than the average home. There may be countless installations, appliances, fixtures and electronics etc. that need to be taken into account, in order to get the job done right. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced painting contractor, you can rest assured health and safety will be their number-one priority.

  1. Minimal Disruption

Depending on the nature of the work to be carried out, a certain amount of downtime at your business may be necessary. However, downtime and disruption can be reduced to absolute minimums by hiring help. If preferred, the job could be performed over the weekend (or even overnight) to keep your business up and running as normal. In any case, a team of professional painters will get the job done much faster and more efficiently than any in-house interior painting project.

  1. Expert Advice and Consultancy

You may know your business and your niche inside out, but how’s your knowledge on the latest color trends and interior design movements? Are you 100% confident in your choice of colors and color combinations for your office, or could you benefit from impartial professional input? For most, the answer is the latter – the advice and consultancy of a skilled painting contractor can be priceless in value.

  1. A Flawless Finish Guaranteed

It’s also worth considering how hiring help brings the added benefit of guaranteeing a flawless finish. Assuming the work carried out is backed by some form of warranty, this means you’re covered against all possible eventualities. Something that cannot be said with the manual approach, which could see you performing touch-ups or starting again from scratch at your own time and expense. Getting the job done right first time and every time ultimately adds up to a faster, easier and more cost-effective interior painting job.

  1. It Could Save You Money

Speaking of which, it’s rare for a DIY in-house paint job (of comparable quality) to cost less than having the pros take care of things on your behalf. This is not only to do with potential downtime, but also access to the highest quality equipment and trade prices on the consumables needed. By the time you’ve picked up all the tools, accessories, paint and primer you need at standard retail prices, you could probably have paid for a commercial painting contractor and kept some extra cash in your pocket!

  1. The Importance of First Impressions

Last but not least, things like color choice and the quality of an interior paint job can make a big difference to first impressions. Irrespective of the type of business you run and the clientele you serve, there’s much to be said for pristine walls, flawless ceilings and finely detailed trim. The way you keep and present your interiors says a lot about your business, while at the same time creating the right ambience and atmosphere for those who pay you a visit.

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At Homm CPS, we understand and appreciate the questions and concerns business owners have when hiring contractors. We also know how difficult it can be to entrust your business to a third-party contractor you’ve never worked with before.

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