Why Do My Hardwood Floors Always Look Dull?

Painted wooden flooring can look absolutely fantastic. One of the biggest benefits of a hardwood floor is the way in which it paves the way for experimentation with all kinds of colors.

But at the same time, some would argue that there’s nothing quite like the allure and appeal of the look of natural wood. Stained or varnished to perfection, a pristine and super-glossy wooden floor always looks the part.

That is, if you can hold onto its showroom shine long-term.

One of the most common issues encountered by owners of hardwood floors is disappointing dullness. They clean them, they protect them, and they think they’re doing everything right – all to no avail.

When a once-glossy wooden floor becomes more matte in its appearance, there are two things you can do. One is to paint the wood a new color for a room-wide revamp, the other is to figure out what’s going wrong and do something about it.

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For those choosing the latter of the two options, there are six probable reasons why your hardwood floors always look dull:

1. It’s not as clean as you think

Firstly, it could simply be that you’re not actually cleaning the surface, but instead moving around the grease and dirt. This could be due to using the wrong products, using a mop that’s not particularly clean or failing to vacuum fully before mopping. All of which are guaranteed to remove the luster from an otherwise fabulous wooden floor.

2. You’re using a harmful cleaner

Using a cleaner that’s not capable of cutting through grease to achieve a showroom shine is a recipe for disappointment. But what’s even worse is using an overly aggressive cleaner that could actually cause damage to the surface itself. Sadly, using a harmful cleaner just once can be enough to inflict permanent damage.  At which point, the only option is to strip the coating on the floor completely, and start again from scratch.

3. Excess cleaning products are building up

Using the right cleaning products in inappropriate quantities can also result in a dull wooden floor. With each use, the cleaner you think is being wiped away is actually sticking around. Layers of the stuff accumulate over the days, weeks and months, ultimately resulting in a wooden floor that’s impossible to shine. When cleaning and polishing wooden floors, less is usually more.

4. Scratches and scuffs

A hardwood floor that is extensively scratched or scuffed is impossible to polish to a pristine shine. This often tends to be an issue with pets about the place, whose claws aren’t exactly kind to shiny wooden floors. It could also be that whatever cloths, sponges and brushes you’re using to clean your wooden floors are too abrasive. Anything other than a soft cloth, a sponge or a mop should be avoided.

5. Not buffing the surface sufficiently

Most waxes and hardwood floor finishing products call for a fair amount of buffing, in order to achieve that desirable sheen. You also need to ensure you are using the right tools for the job, which in this case means a dry microfiber cloth or mop. Attempting to buff with anything else (or not buffing enough) will result in the rapid accumulation of a waxy buildup on the surface. Something that can be removed with an appropriate cleaning product, but will leave unsightly streaks all over the place in the meantime.

6. It’s long overdue some TLC

Last but not least, even the most expertly-applied hardwood floor finish will not last forever. All varnishes, stains and protective products have a limited lifespan, after which they will need to be removed and replaced. Exactly how long this lifespan is will depend on myriad factors, including the amount of traffic the floor sees on a daily basis. If nothing seems to be getting the job done and your wood floor has become unsightly, an affordable overhaul could be just the thing.

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