The New Color Book

A best-selling, must- have color manual for the home decorator, THE COLOR BOOK has helped hundreds of thousands of people choose perfect palettes for their homes. Now, with the THE NEW COLOR BOOK, this indispensable tool has been completely revised, offering an all-new range of contemporary color schemes.

As practical as a paint brush, this innovative guide presents ninety six pages, each cut horizontally into three sections- floor, walls and ceiling- that allow you to flip back and forth, mixing and matching until you find the colors that are just right for you. Covering the bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen, THE NEW COLOR BOOK visually demonstrates 45,000 different color combinations, offering near endless inspiration. All the colors in the book are conveniently coded, making it easy to find your favorite combination at your neighborhood paint store.

See how this unique mix-and-match method can help you eliminate the guess work and discover the perfect color combinations for your home.

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