The Full Lowdown On Exterior Painting Estimates

Everybody knows that contractors’ estimates aren’t always as accurate as they could be. In fact, the whole subject has become something of a joke. Working with less than reputable pro painters often means leaving yourself wide-open to costs you simply hadn’t counted on.

Not that this applies here at Homm CPS – we take a far more responsible approach to cost estimates and quotations!

In any case, we’re firm believers in the value of proactivity. If you’re planning to hire help to deal with an exterior painting project, it’s up to you to ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into. Otherwise, you’ve technically no one to blame when things take a turn for the worse.

The Full Lowdown On Exterior Painting Estimates

The Accuracy Of Initial Estimates

Some pro painting contractors are so desperate to secure clients that they provide wildly inaccurate estimates based on pretty much nothing at all. Even during the first telephone consultation, they’ll promise a certain service at a certain price – without having even considered the size or requirements of the property.

They just pluck a figure out of thin air, with every intention of ‘editing’ it further down the line.

In order for reliable estimates to be provided, the contractor needs to take into account a number of factors. Obvious examples of which being the size of the property, the complexity of the job and the specific requirements of the customer. Even then, you’re not nearly in a position to provide a concrete quote.

The Five Elements Of Accurate Estimates

In order for an estimate to be even remotely accurate, it needs to be based around five key considerations. Rather than simply ‘guessing’ how much the whole thing will cost, it’s a case of calculating more precise expenses in accordance with the following:

  1. The Preparation Process

In some instances, exterior surfaces may be in immaculate condition and pretty much ready to paint. In others, it may be necessary to remove any number of existing coats of paint, tackle a variety of repairs and give the entire exterior a good wash. For obvious reasons, the more work involved in the preparation process, the longer and costlier the job becomes. This is something the professional contractor needs to take into account, in order to provide an accurate estimate.

  1. Paint Quality And Quantity

The size and nature of the property will determine how much paint is required, though the client typically has some say in the quality of the paint used. It’s never advisable to cut corners on paint quality, as doing so guarantees inferior results. If a range of different paint types is available, this will inherently affect the cost of the project as a whole. You may also find that certain shades and hues are more expensive than others – particularly those that are somewhat rare and prestigious.

  1. Cost Of Labor

It’s only after a contractor has considered the full requirements of the job that they’re able to work out exactly how much labor will be required to get it done. The size of the team and the duration of the job have perhaps the biggest impact on the price payable.

  1. Additional Materials Required

Most professional painting companies will already have all the materials needed to get the job done. However, there may be certain consumables required that can only be used once, or that need to be purchased specifically for your exterior paint job. Masking tape, protective covers and so on – additional expenses which must be disclosed and agreed before going ahead.

  1. Details And Extras

Last but not least, some contractors consider painting a property’s trim an additional extra. In fact, things like shutters, door frames, window frames and so on may not be included in their original estimate. This is something you need to find out ahead of time, in order to avoid being stung when the project is underway. Ask as many questions as necessary to determine what is and isn’t included as standard.

Once again, Homm CPS takes pride in adopting an honest and transparent approach to the provision of estimates. We ensure that nothing is left out of the equation, only providing concrete quotations when we’re able to do so. With Homm CPS, the price we quote is the price you pay – never a penny more!

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