The 6 Best Paint Colors for Staging a Home

Presenting a home in a way that appeals to all potential buyers is tricky. If not, practically impossible.

The issue lies in the fact that each and every individual visitor to a home for sale has entirely different expectations. Not to mention, very different tastes, preferences, and intentions for the property they may (or may not) buy.

It’s a proven fact that the color of the interior paint you select for your home will have a major impact on its appeal to prospective buyers. It can even make a sizeable contribution to your home’s perceived value, and how much it subsequently sells for.

The 6 Best Paint Colors for Staging a Home

Giving your home’s interior a fresh coat of paint before listing it for sale is always a good idea. There are few ways to inject appeal into interiors than by treating them to a lick of paint at the right time.

Even so, the importance of selecting the best possible colors for your interiors cannot be emphasized highly enough. Irrespective of who visits your home and what kind of price you are looking to get for it, the following are the colors known to successfully sell homes better than any others:

  1. Light Blue

First up, a touch of light blue in all the right places can evoke a sense of calm, peace, and serenity. It can therefore be just the thing to treat visitors to as quickly as possible after they enter, perhaps on your porch or entranceway.  Even a light blue front door can be surprisingly effective in setting the scene for what’s to follow. One study conducted by found that more than 60% of all prospective homebuyers are fans of light blue. First impressions are everything, so work on building a sense of calm as quickly as possible.

  1. Warm Gray

Contrary to popular belief, not all shades of grey are cold, dull, and boring.  Quite the opposite, as some strategically selected shades of gray can bring warmth, comfort, and appeal to any interior space. Like light blue, there’s an air of tranquillity and calm to warmer grays that can be hugely welcoming. It is a great choice for use across most rooms of the home, but looks particularly great in an open-plan space, naturally highlighting and framing everything else in the room.

  1. Gray-Blue

Of course, common sense dictates that if either of the above colors will get the job done, so too will a combination of the two.  The great thing about gray-blue (on a fairly neutral and understated level) is that it can complement any type of interior décor. From quintessentially classical to modern and minimalist, it really is an exercise in timeless simplicity.  It also creates the look and feel of a blank canvas, which is exactly what most people want to see when visiting homes for sale.

  1. Warm Neutrals

This may sound a little on the vague side, but warm neutrals across the board can work wonders. The idea is that you go for something that brings a touch of color into the space, but at the same time isn’t too imposing or personal.  Keep things subtle with warm neutrals and it is practically impossible to go wrong.

  1. Cream

Covering your interiors in their entirety in brilliant light is an option, and can be great for maximizing all available light. Even so, you can achieve a similar effect with a pale cream color (or a similar off white), which mirrors much of the magic of white paint, but with a little more visual appeal. Cream shades can be fantastic for smaller rooms of the home, where brilliant white could end up being a little overbearing. It is also one of the easiest shades to mix and match with all other colors and shades – great for bringing a pop of color into the home with contrast in trim.

  1. Greige

Last up, you would be forgiven for thinking that the combination of gray and beige would result in something bland and boring.  In reality, the resulting shade has been found to be one of the best for staging a home.  It gets the job done in creating a blank canvas, enabling prospective buyers to visualize their own themes and décor. In addition, greige has been shown to make a significant contribution to perceived property values in some types of homes. It can be used in almost any room to great effect and is universally compatible with all types of furniture, fixtures, and fittings.

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