Spraying vs. Brushing: Mythbusting

Everybody has their own preferred approach to interior painting. For some, there’s nothing better (and indeed more satisfying) than getting the job done with traditional brushes. By contrast, others will tell you that unless it’s a roller, they won’t go near it. All with their own unique motivations – some being more logical than others.

But what’s interesting is how one particular interior painting method tends to be scrutinized and misjudged more than most others. As you’ve probably figured out by now, we’re talking about spraying.

How To Clean Your Brushes

Not the kind of paint that comes in cans, but the high-pressure machinery that takes quality interior paint and transforms it into a mist to be distributed evenly across your walls.

Myths and Untruths About Spraying

Going about our business, we often encounter people who for some reason or another are skeptical about paint spraying. Many of which have made the same incorrect assumptions, or bought into long-standing myths about the whole thing.

Precisely why we thought now would be a good time to set things straight, by taking a look at a selection of paint spray myths and putting them to rest.

Let’s get started:

  1. Paint needs to be ‘brushed in’ to look good

First up, many DIY painters assume that the only way to create a flawless looking finish is to ‘brush in’ the paint you use. Roughly translated, they’re convinced you need to physically push the paint you apply to your walls onto and into the surface, otherwise the finish will be uneven. In reality, this simply isn’t the case at all.

In fact, attempting to push paint into surfaces or load excessive quantities of paint onto your walls is a recipe for disaster. Unless you’re dealing with a very specific type of textured surface, pushing or brushing paint ‘in’ isn’t something you should be doing. A paint sprayer ensures just the right amount of paint is applied, often increasing the likelihood of producing a flawless finish.

  1. Spraying paint is too easy to get wrong

Again, the truth is actually quite the contrary. Assuming you set yourself up with a decent machine and the highest quality paint you can lay your hands on, spraying paint is exceptionally easy. Not to mention, so much quicker than painting the traditional way.

Of course, it’s not impossible to go wrong with the spraying method. You need to take your time, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter and concentrate on the job. Nevertheless, just as long as sensible precautions are taken, it’s actually surprisingly difficult to go wrong.

  1. Spraying is unsuitable for interior spaces

Not true, though there are instances where spraying may not be considered an appropriate method for the interior space in question. For example, if the room is particularly small, has poor ventilation or the walls are textured, it may be necessary to use an alternative method.

However, this doesn’t mean that spraying in general is incompatible with interior spaces. In the average room of a decent size, spraying can be a great way of painting most types of walls quickly, evenly and with surprisingly minimal mess.

  1. Sprayed paint is more susceptible to peeling and decaying

Last up, paint that is sprayed onto wall is in no way more susceptible to peeling and decaying than paint applied by any other method. Across the board, what matters most is the quality of the paint, ensuring the surface is prepared appropriately and applying the paint with due care and attention.

If anything, the way in which spraying can lead to a much smoother and more even finish means that it may be less likely to peel and decay than paint applied with a brush or roller.

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