Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe® Color Technology

Vinyl siding is a common exterior element in the DC, MD, VA areas and painting this surface used to be a challenge for several reasons:

  • siding surface easily expands and contracts depending on weather conditions
  • painting under certain external conditions such as direct sunlight exposure is not desirable
  • using darker than the starting color is not recommended

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However, currently Sherwin Williams offers VinylSafe® color technology that delivers long-term performance on all all vinyl surfaces such as vinyl siding and shutters to mention a few.

In the old days, vinyl surfaces would warp or buckle when painted with darker colors as these tend to attract heat. Homeowners would then be limited to choices from the color fan, keeping them from creating their personal color scheme for their homes since they could only match the existing color or go with a lighter tone.

Today, with Sherwin Williams’ technology, the choices are endless since you can custom match any color of your choice or simply use their color palette.

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Take a look at the variety of color shades currently offered.

sherwin williams vynil safe colors


VinylSafe® color technology is available in the following paint lines for exteriors:
Emerald – offers advanced stain blocking technology
Duration – mildew-resistant and self-priming paint
Resilience – offers enhanced resistance to moisture
Super paint – offers enhanced adhesion and color retention


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